Publication date August 18, 2023
Author: AAconfessions

Not taking my mom in when she relapsed repeatedly in AA

I know its meant to be anonymous but this situation is killing me right now. Me and my mother both are in AA and we have been fighting this disease one day at a time with mine being 5 years and my mother 3 months (hopefully the last time). 

I have been handling things well even after 5 years even when I see my life falling apart where my husband has left me for a richer wife, my daughter hates me because of my drinking days and my younger son doesn't wanna leave with me as his new step-mom has all the necessities at her place. Now my problem is that my mother isn't able to handle things well. She had been an addict for 11 years and then after AA, she was into religious stuff which kept her sober. But then, she goes back into the addiction which is making me difficult to maintain the relationship. 

A few days ago, she lost her car, her home, and she also got caught by the cops for using and driving. Now she wants to leave with me, but then, I told her a 'no' and did not let her stay with me. I am guilty about it. I am not sure if I did the right thing as she is my mom, after all. 

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