Publication date August 18, 2023
Author: soloadventure

Travelled solo after I almost died

Some backstory before i step into this: I was into an abusive marriage and infertile. All this, took over my mental health and had almost given up on life when my mom understood my situation and helped me get out of it.

After I was out of this abusive relationship, I wanted to try out a lot of new things and one being them was a solo trip to Europe. During this trip to Europe, I met a group of amazing people in a youth hostel. We embarked on spontaneous adventures, explored hidden gems, and made memories that will last a lifetime. It was a life-changing experience. And this way, I realized that death wasn't the ultimate solution. The solution was to pause your life, think and then move forward. Just wanted to put this out there to people who have lost faith on their lives. Let go of everything and live.

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