Publication date August 16, 2023
Author: Mayra Harris

Unspoken and unfiltered realities of motherhood

Being a single mom even when you are married is hard. My husband really isn't helpful while taking care of the baby. In the beginning years, he wanted to have his babies and we were trying hard to get pregnant. He would take care of me, get me my favourite ice cream, pamper me with flowers. Just so you know, I have miscarried twice and the third time, we got pregnant. It was all good until I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Right after that, I saw the changes in my husband where he would ignore me and our baby and would completely let me take care of the baby.

So, last week, I had a meltdown in the grocery store because my baby was throwing a tantrum, and I couldn't handle the stress and I was all alone among the strangers. I feel like a terrible mom, but nobody knew the internal struggle that was facing. It was the crippling anxiety that hit right after where I don't have anyone to talk to about this. I tried talking to my husband if something is bothering him, but he ignored the whole point of the talk, told me to focus on my life rather than disturb him. 

After the grocery store episode, I am scared and I feel that I ain't holding my mental health right and its high time that I take self care and mental health into my hands. Is it too much to ask for? 

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