Publication date October 25, 2023

Cottage Cheese Vs. Yogurt: Which is Better For You?

Cottage cheese and yoghurt are hard to compare as they both are beneficial and high-protein snacks. I am sure that you would have thought about which one is better for your body. Isn’t it?

Well, I am right here sitting behind you in order to guide you through all the points that you must keep in mind when choosing the best among both. And if you are searching for answers to your questions, then you have landed at the right place.

I know that going for nutritious snacks at the grocery store can be a herculean task periodically. Well, there are several foods that you need to choose from, many are praised as nutritional and beneficial. 

Hence, let’s move forward and look at the nourishment for both cheese and yoghurt and elucidate which one is the champion. So, let’s get started!

Is Cottage Cheese or Yoghurt Better for You?

Both yoghurt and cheese are excellent options for a nutritious and healthy snack. For me, it is hard to choose one but there can be a slight winner which will depend on protein, calcium, calories, sodium, and probiotics. 

Cottage Cheese Vs. Yogurt

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Well, cheese has a subtle edge as it has less sugar than yoghurt. Yes, you must trust me, as the disparity between the two is tiniest. They both are low in calories, high in protein, contain no added sugars, are a good source of calcium, and have lower levels of lactose.

Let’s understand all the factors on which there can be a minimal difference between the two. All the factors are explained below for your accessibility. Let’s move ahead!

1. Protein

Both yoghurt and good cottage cheese organic are rich in lean protein and are tied virtually with each having 24 grams of protein per cup.

Not only yoghurt but also cheese is available in full-fat, reduced-fat, and fat-free varieties and there are some firms as well who make a lactose-free variety of both cheese and yoghurt.

As a result, you don’t need to shy away and abandon these high-protein and healthy choices if you are free from lactose. You just need to examine the label that depicts lactose-free.

2. Calcium

Generally, Greek yoghurt has a subtle sharpness in calcium. It is a mineral that is required by most of the people.

A cup of Greek yogurt has 282 mg of calcium whereas a cup of cheese contains 227 mg. Hence, it is clear which has a good amount of calcium yoghurt or cheese.

3. Calories

Essentially, one single cup of low-fat plain yoghurt incorporates about 179 calories and one single cup of low-fat cheese incorporates about 180 calories.

As a result, you can see here that, both cheese and yoghurt have landed on a tie. Both of them are equal in terms of providing calories to the human body.

4. Sodium

So far, these two high-protein snacks, i.e., yoghurt and cheese are nip and tuck when we consider protein, calories, and calcium. But there is one clear difference that leads the selection, cheese can be loaded and stuffed with Sodium. 

Eight to nine times sodium is seen in one cup of cheese which is close to 700 mg of sodium but in yoghurt, it has 83 mg of sodium in just one cup.

This is approximately 1/3rd of the suggested daily limit which is 2,300 mg. If you are observing your sodium intake and eating cheese, you are able to go for a lessened sodium intake or no-salt-added assortment.

5. Probiotics

There are certain yoghurt that contain probiotics. Here, the microscopic gut-friendly bacteria are present in the yoghurt. However, there are numerous cottage cheese brands that contain probiotics. Hence, you must be sure to read the label clearly and precisely.

Innumerable people ask if they are able to eat cheese regularly. So let me help you with its answer. Well, there is no harm in eating cheese regularly on a daily basis. You must know that it has outstanding nutritional value and it provides calcium to people as well.

You can’t find this type of cheese anywhere as it is one of the best protein sources. Nevertheless, consuming cheese regularly and every day should have to be done in moderation.

Now you must have understood which is better and healthier for your body yoghurt or cheese. Eventually, both yoghurt and cheese are rich in high-protein snacks and if you prefer cottage cheese, then make sure to go for a low-sodium variety.

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