Publication date December 29, 2023

Dall-E Mini — Hilarious Yet Strange AI Art-creator Tool you Should Know About

Despite the existential horrors brought on by artificial intelligence's ever-growing knowledge, they sure do know how to create art. And right now, the internet is utilizing this technology to its fullest to produce some bizarre visuals. The most recent source is Dall-E Mini, an AI tool popular on social media for the bizarre, amusing, and occasionally unsettling images it generates from text prompts.

With Dall-E Mini, you can type a brief description of an image that, in theory, only exists in the depths of your heart, and the algorithm will display that image on your screen in a matter of seconds.

DALL-E, which is named after the surrealist artist Salvador Dali, uses artificial intelligence to produce visuals from the text you enter (no matter how weird). For instance, the AI would generate visuals of the billionaire Elon Musk being stuck in space forever if we entered "Elon Musk stuck in space" (or one could hope so).

You probably might have noticed some Dall-E Mini photos surfacing in your social media accounts as people came up with the craziest prompts they could, like Batman Surfing or Jon Hamm eating ham.

batman movies

Source: CNET

The intersection of artificial intelligence and art has previously drawn interest on the internet. Observing how an algorithm approaches something as subjective as art has a particular allure. For instance, actor Thomas Middleditch produced a short film in 2016 based on a storyline created by an algorithm. Google has created numerous tools that link AI with art. Users of its Arts & Culture app could look for themselves in well-known artwork as of 2018. Alternatively, Google's AutoDraw will recognize what you're trying to doodle and correct it for you.

Other text-to-image systems exist, such as OpenAI's Dall-E 2 and Google's Imagen and Parti, which the tech giant isn't making available to the general public.

Here's what you need to know about Dall-E Mini and its AI-generated art.

What Is Dall-E Mini?

The AI model Dall-E Mini generates graphics in response to your commands. Programmer Boris Dayma claimed in an interview with the magazine I that he first created the program in July 2021 as a component of a competition conducted by Google and the Hugging Face AI group. 

How does it function?

Anyone can type a command and hit the 'run' button. The output from Dall-E Mini will appear as a 3x3 grid with nine photos. The technology was trained on "unfiltered data from the internet," according to note about it on the company's website.

How do we Use it?

All you need to do is visit the Dall-E small website if you want to test out the service for yourself. You'll be prompted to input and run a command here. Expect to wait up to 2 minutes for your image to display as this can take some time to process.

Then you'll be shown nine slightly different photographs that all meet the prompt. Frequently, you'll discover that the image is hazy or that Dall-E misinterpreted your request. If this occurs, just adjust the command slightly and try again.

Get imaginative to your order to request different image styles.

Remember that users frequently experience "too much traffic." If this occurs, try running it again; normally, it will start working after a few tries.

How effective is the AI part of it?

Dayma in an interview said that AI is great with abstract art, however, it is less effective with faces. A desert's scenery is quite lovely but Dolly Parton's illustration looks like it might kill you. A Paul McCartney eating kale will shorten your lifespan.

Dayma also mentioned that the model is in training, which means it will get better with time (the capacity to learn is one of the things people love and dread about AI). And given the success of the Dall-E Mini, the goal should be to create the most absurd image you can, rather than a flawless impressionist portrayal of a Waffle House. It's more enjoyable to imagine the most absurd things that don't exist or maybe shouldn't exist and then bring them to a life.

Are Dall-E Mini and Dall-E 2 connected?

They are not connected, no. Another AI picture creation program that was released this year as a research project is called Dall-E 2. It was developed by OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company, but is not frequently used.

What types of photos are being produced?

You can find a tonne of bizarre Dall-E Mini creations on social media, such as Jar Jar Binks winning the Great British Bake Off and Thanos searching for his mother at a Walmart. Here are a few further highlights.

Ever seen a Yoda serving as a waiter at a restaurant? When your wish has been granted. 

McDonald's fast food crime scene

Source: Boing Boing

Our very own Ronald Mcdonald was caught at a crime scene!

Darth Vader star wars funny

Source: Mashable

These are by far the most hilarious versions of ‘Darth Vader’ that we have seen so far!

Dumbledore harry potter

Source: The Big Issue

Is Dumbledore eating a BigMac Hamburger at McDonald's is all the magic you needed this week?

These were some of the hilarious images that cracked us up, comment your favorites below. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How long does it take Dall e mini to run?

How long DALL-E takes to generate images depends on several factors such as traffic, the complexity of the prompt, and server load. However, it usually takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes on average.

Q. How does DALL-E create art?

DALL-E, an AI-based art generator refers to its dataset when given a prompt and then uses statistical patterns to create its own. DALL-E 2 uses a computer program called a diffusion model to use these pieces to recreate its own original, AI-generated images.

Q. Is Midjourney better than DALL-E?

Both generative AI programs have strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different situations. If we talk about Midjourney, their images are consistently more realistic and look more like organic, human-created works than those of DALL-E. However, DALL-E is easier to use, making it the perfect platform for beginners. DALL-E is also better at understanding and interpreting your prompts, and still can come up with realistic-looking images.

Q. Who created the DALL-E mini?

DALL-E Mini was created by Boris Dayma, a machine learning engineer who previously worked at Google AI. After being inspired by the original 

DALL-E 2 model, Dayma decided to create a more accessible option focused on text-to-image generation. He named it "DALL-E mini" as a playful nod to the original and made it readily available via the website

Q. Is DALL E free?

Whether DALL E is free depends upon the version you’re considering. If you want to use DALL-E 2 which is an original one you’ll not get any free plan, it requires a paid subscription or joining a waitlist. However, if you’re considering the DALL-E Free website, you’ll get a free AI image generation feature with limitations compared to the original DALL-E 2.

Q. Can I sell DALL-E pictures?

Yes, you can sell DALL-E pictures. It doesn't matter whether you want to sell art or just regularly generate images, you receive full usage rights for any images you want to commercialize with DALL-E. But make sure you follow their content policy & terms of use.

Q. Does DALL-E work on mobile?

Yes, DALL-E 2 works on mobile devices. But keep in mind that you can’t run the program natively on your mobile device, instead, you can access it through a web interface. It means you can easily generate images from textual descriptions or prompts using  Dall-E 2 on your mobile device, as long as you have an internet connection.

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