Publication date April 28, 2023

Did Jamie Foxx really give Cameron Diaz a hard time on the set?

Jamie Foxx is ok and the doctors have successfully resuscitated the Django Unchained actor. Jamie Foxx was filming Back in Action for Netflix when this unfortunate incident happened. Back in Action is also set to mark the return of Cameron Diaz who had retired back in 2014. Now coming back to some of the rumors that are floating around Jamie Foxx. The actress claims the Grammy-winning musician wasn’t really a bucket full of sunshine and being around him was very hard. 

Jamie Foxx is not the new kid on the block, he has been in the industry for a long time and is loved by many. Although he is a loved personality, he too had his fair share of ups and downs in his career, but he always managed to bounce back. And this time around Jamie Foxx found himself in some hot water after causing chaos during the shoot of Netflix’s Back in Action.

Jaime Foxx and Cameron Diaz

Source: People

And by causing chaos I don’t mean Jaime Foxx raised his voice against a few people on the set or played mean pranks with his costars. Apparently, he went all out from firing two directors, and an executive producer to even firing his own personal chauffeur. Not to mention he also gave a really hard time to Cameron Diaz. While critics were very vocal regarding Jamie Foxx’s actions on the set, we can also imagine it was the stress that might have been directly responsible for Jamie Foxx’s near-death experience.

Stress adds to a lot of major health issues and it seems like this time around stress was the main reason for his erratic behavior as well as his medical episode. Sources even claimed Jamie Foxx’s behavior was pushing Cameron Diaz towards re-retiring but all things considered, we should give some leeway to the actor.

But that’s all in the past now, an insider reported that Jaime is responsive and everything seems to be fine. But Jaime has not fully recovered yet but the good news is his health is improving steadily. The insider reported that the 50-year-old actress is now completely focusing on the Netflix project. But we have to feel for her too, her dream comeback turned into a living nightmare thanks to all the chaos on the set. Speaking about it the insider said, "Jamie is being a total pill and sadly Caeron’s bearing the brunt of his foul moods. Foxx hates that she is the center of attention.”

The Golden Globe Award-winning actress announced her retirement from Hollywood almost eight years ago but finally decided to make a comeback with Netflix’s Back in Action. Earlier there were also rumors that Jaime Foxx had to go out of his way to convince the actress to star in Back in Action but now with all this new information coming forward it is safe to assume those were all rumors and they did not have any truth to it. Whether or not Jamie convinced the actress or not, he really put everything he had into the new Netflix project.

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