Publication date January 20, 2023

Did Kanye West marry the architect Kim Kardashian hates?

Kanye West is back in the headlines. No, he did not go missing again this time he is back in the headlines for different reasons altogether. I swear not even 5 minutes go by and Kanye does something and gets the spotlights back onto him. From calling the “Black lives matter” campaign a scam to allegedly going missing recently he never misses a chance to get on the news. This time around it’s the news of his marriage that got him under the limelight. I know what many of you are thinking, he just finalized his divorce from Kim Kardashian just two months back. And now he is already married. The news only gets spicier from here on out because Kanye West married one of his staffers. 

Kanye west gets married secretly

Source: Twitter

Yes, he married a woman that he employed. Bianca Censori, an architect employed by Kanye West, is now married to him. But word around the water cooler is that Kim Kardashian hates Bianca Censori. Why? No one knows. That is the word in the inside circle that Kim Kardashian hates Bianca Censori for no obvious reasons. Or maybe there is a reason but the others just don't know it yet. Did she sense something was going on between the architect and the rapper? Did she catch them in the act and that is why their marriage ended? But Kim never did say she wanted a divorce because Kanye was stepping out so maybe she did hate Bianca for no reason or maybe she didn’t say anything because she did not want to ruin Kanye’s reputation.

Kanye West is an architecture aficionado and that's why he kept Bianca Censori close as she had a master's in architecture. Their being close might be another reason why Kim Kardashian hated the architect but the best speculation came from within the inner circle. One insider said, “she’s pretty, And Kim hates pretty girls.” That’s one way to look at it. I guess that’s enough about Kim Kardashian and her hatred toward Bianca Censori.

Now let’s talk about the Subliminals that Kanye dropped in one of his tracks. Usually, the internet catches a lot of things and comes up with crazy theories. I’m surprised no one caught that. Honestly, we should have seen this marriage come from far away. In December Kanye West released a track called “Censori Overload.” That should have been our first clue but we missed it. And to add on Kanye put a line in the track that goes like this, “And the Bible said, I can’t have any more sex ‘til marriage.” I guess the name of the title and line makes sense now.

TMZ reported that the rapper got hitched to the architect and added further that the couple had a very private ceremony. TMZ further reported the couple is yet to get a marriage license to make their marriage legal. But TMZ did spot the couple wearing wedding rings. The married couple was first spotted at the Waldorf Astoria on a date. I don’t think Kanye would get married just to piss off his ex-wife but what do you think comment down below.

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