Publication date January 2, 2024

Did TMZ try to railroad Britney Spears with the "meltdown" video?

A headline can change someone's life forever. Does not matter if that is someone from the general population, a movie star, or a pop star. Britney Spears is living proof that wrong headlines can completely change someone’s life. If we scroll back to 2007 we will be back at the point that changed Britney’s life forever. Britney was finally pushed to her breaking point by the continuous hounding of the paparazzi. She based a paparazzi’s car on an umbrella and shaved her head. Newspapers put pictures of Britney Spears taking clippers to her scalp with headlines like “MELTDOWN” and “Britney Shears”.

These headlines changed Britney’s life forever and led to the long 13 years of conservatorship. Britney Spears lost all control of her life and was just there when her father Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew M Wallet became her conservators. They had complete control over her finances, career, and her personal life. Those men also had control over her reproductive rights. Britney Spears lost all control over her life. 

Things were certainly stacked against her. Just imagine being a woman and not even having control over your reproductive rights. That’s just horrible. But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is history might repeat itself. TMZ has published a video of Britney Spears acting a little unusual at a restaurant in LA. But the headline TMZ used felt questionable to me. The headline read “Britney Spears: ‘Manic’ episode in the restaurant”. TMZ claims Britney had a “meltdown” and eyewitnesses saw Britney Spears talking gibberish and becoming ‘manic’.  

The 33 seconds long video was clearly shot without Britney’s permission, and talking about the ‘gibberish’ she was speaking about you will need to be a lip-reading expert to understand anything that she was saying. It was really hard to hear anything Britney was saying but it did seem like she was talking to someone as soon as she realized that she was being filmed she tried to cover her face with a menu. I don’t know how TMZ interpreted the video as Britney having a “meltdown” but Britney sure didn’t like being filmed without her permission.

Britney has had her fair share of troubles in the past but that does not mean any tabloid website has the right to invade her privacy. In the online era, things can get hectic real quick so Britney’s husband took to Instagram to share his thoughts regarding the matter. He wrote, “Don’t believe anything you read online people”. I honestly agree with Sam, nowadays it's very easy to blow up the news and most of the time things get way too hyped online. 

But if I was Britney I would feel like I am trapped. Her every move is being watched and whenever TMZ or any tabloid website has anything they will take the time to portray her in a bad light. Bad publicity once cost Britney everything and seems like TMZ tried really hard to repeat the history. But do you think TMZ tried to blow the incident out of proportion or did Britney Spears really have a “meltdown” in the LA restaurant?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How was Britney Spears traumatized?

There are many reasons why Britney Spears was traumatized including alleged emotional abuse from her father, her memoir “The Woman in Me” and public statements describing her father as mean, apathetic, and cold which she found distressing and emotionally damaging. Aside from this, from a very young age Britney faced constant public scrutiny and hounding by paparazzi, which has been linked to anxiety and stress. 

Q. Who is the father of Britney Spears?

James Parnell Spears is the father of Britney Spears, Bryan Spears, and Jamie Lynn Spears. He is a retired construction business owner.

Q. What caused Britney Spears to have a meltdown?

In her memoir, Birtney Spears writes that the reason behind her mental health struggles is that she was suffering from postpartum depression, a condition that can cause intense emotional distress and feelings of hopelessness. Britney was suffering from postnatal depression, grief after the death of her aunt, and a custody battle with her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Q. Why did Britney Spears delete Instagram?

It appears that Britney has deactivated her Instagram account and not permanently deleted it. As per the reports she deactivated her Instagram account after she said she 'didn't mean to offend anyone. Her Instagram page appears to have been deleted after the pop singer said that her new memoir The Woman in Me was "not meant to offend anyone".

Q. What is Britney Spears's net worth in 2023?

Britney Spears' net worth in 2023 is estimated to be between $60 million and $70 million, depending on the source. As of 2023, According to Forbes, Britney's net worth is around $60 million. This includes her earnings from music, touring, brand endorsements, and investments.

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