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Did you know about these 7 hidden games on Google?

Google may just be one of the most important parts of our lives. We rely on Google for many things, but for most of us, Google is a source of information. But did you know Google has many free games that are extremely fun? If you are thinking about the free games you will find on the Google Play Store then you are mistaken. I’m talking about the games developed by Google which are hidden in the Google app, Google Play Store, or Google Search. So let us begin the list and explore the 7 best games hidden in google.

T-Rex Dash

Hidden games of Google

Source: The Code Post

I have a bitter-sweet experience with this game mainly because I ended up playing this game when there was no internet connectivity. Also, this is the first Google game I came to know of. Fun fact, I didn’t even know it was a game for many years until I discovered it by mistake. For those of you who don’t know, you can play this game on your PC and your smartphone, as long as you are on Google Chrome. The game is fairly simple but very fun to play. Your T-Rex will be running forward and you have time to jump so your dino buddy doesn’t get hurt. The speed gradually starts to increase, adding to the difficulty. 


By reading the title of the game if you are taken aback by nostalgia then I won’t blame you. Honestly, I think it’s sweet of Google to give us a snake game in the lineup of games. It is very easy to get hooked on Google Snake. The goal is simple just like every other snake game. If you are not familiar with snake games then let me tell you how it plays. Your goal is to consume all the dots without colliding with the wall, and the more dots you consume the longer your snake will become. And just like every other game on this list, you don’t have to download this game. All you need to do is type “Google Snake” on Google search and hit play.

PAC-MAN Doodle

Pac Man Doodle

Source: Sunshine Tips

This classic title in my opinion is one of the best-kept secrets by Google. Too dramatic? It is very easy to access this game and you can play it on a pc or a smartphone. To access the game all you need to do is search “pac man” on Google and just click play under the result and you will find yourself in a maze. Just eat up all the dots and avoid the four ghosts in the maze. If you can eat all the dots without dying you will move on to the next level. So, how many levels do you think you can survive? 

Google Cloud

Hidden games on google

Source: NewsBytes

I always thought this was the most thought-out hidden game Google has to offer. Google Cloud will be available on your Google Android app while your phone is in airplane mode. You will find the main character right next to the notice. Click on the character to be redirected to the game page. This is my game every time I am on a flight. The goal is to not get hit by any birds, and all I need to do is hold and release the screen to move the character up and down. Next time you are on a flight you should try this game out.

Hot Air Balloon

Hidden free games on google

Source: iGamesNews

This is one of the games that will get the competitive juices flowing. If you open the Play Store with an internet connection this game will pop up. In this game, you avoid obstacles and try to grab as many coins as possible. But if you hit an obstacle it’s over and you have to start all over again. The thrill of beating your previous record is what does it for me. I have spent hours and hours making a record and then spent hours breaking it.


Google Solitaire a free hidden game on Google

Source: The Verge

Solitaire is a classic card game, and Google certainly didn’t forget about it. You can access this game by Google search just by searching “Solitaire” and hitting play. You must be noticing a pattern with these hidden games right? Maybe after you are done with this article and go about searching your favorite games on Google search, who knows what free game you might stumble upon? But if you want to stick just with Solitaire that’s fine too.


free hidden games in google

Source: wikiHow

This game takes me way back. I still remember getting in trouble because me and my best friend were playing Tic-Tac-Toe instead of paying attention in class. But now you don’t need pen and paper to play this game all thanks to Google. In Google’s Tic-Tac-Toe, you compete against an AI. The goal of Google's Tic-Tac-Toe is just like the classic one, to arrange Xs and Os on a three-by-three grid. Can you guess how you can access Google’s Tic-Tac-Toe? Yes, you guessed it right just search “Tic-Tac-Toe” in Google Chrome or Google app and hit play. 

Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw!

Source: Google

There’s something a little gloomy about playing a kind of Pictionary-type game with a robotically-voiced AI, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. In the Quick Draw game, Google gives players 20 seconds to doodle a drawing of a specific object, such as a bee, snowflake, or a hockey puck, and as players are drawing the AI will keep guessing what it is you’re drawing. When I played this game for the first time I was pretty impressed that Google managed to work it out every time, even though in the back of my mind the game was rigged because of course Google already knew the answers. Still, it’s a fun game just like other secret games on Google to spend time when you’re feeling bored. 

Soccer (Google Doodle Archive)

You can’t go too wrong with a casual game of football, in this soccer game, you simply control a goalie as an AI player pelts shots in the direction of your goal.  You can move left and right in the goal using your mouse, the click to jump for those aerial shots. While there is no end to the amount of shots that come your way, you can spend anywhere from seconds to hours idling away in this enjoyable footy-inspired clicker.

Champion Island Games (Google Doodle Archive)

Champion Island Games

Source: Wikipedia

When it comes to Google Secret games, how can we skip Champion Island games? Initially launched as the Google Doodle on 24 August 2021, Champion Island Games is one of the most in-depth secret Google Search games to date. When you play this game you’ll realize that it’s pretty much a shorter form of an old-school RPG in the Pokemon style, as you wander around an island participating in sports, taking on legendary opponents, and getting involved in all manner of strange sidequests.

The intro cinematic of this game is especially beautiful. This Doodle was originally released to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 but was re-released at the start of the Paralympics with extra side-quests and secrets to discover.

Atari Breakout

For a while, many of us thought that we lost one of the best Google Doodle games forever, but I added this to this list because later it was discovered that we can still play this Atari classic. Previously, Breakout was played by simply typing it into Google Images, but that is no longer possible. Instead, players can head over to this site and get started with the game immediately. 


Tic Tac Toe is an older but goody game that is believed to have existed for quite literally thousands of years ago, here on Google you can play this game by simply typing “tic tac toe” into the search engine. Because, there are only so many possible outcomes in this game, and it’s not too tough to reach a point where you can neither win nor lose, but it’s a fun and easy way to waste some time and solve some disputes.

Basketball Game (Google Doodle Archive)

Are you someone who just loves playing basketball in school time? Basketball is another one of the cool games to play when bored on Google. If you’ve been using Google for a while, as most of us have, then you may remember this little secret gem from 2012. This simple basketball game was launched to celebrate the 2012 Summer Games and involves shooting hoops from various distances. Players just have to hold down their mouse button to increase the power of their throw, it’s about finding that sweet spot to get the ball in the hoop. Moreover, the game offers you a limited amount of time to score as many points as possible, and as the game moves forward, you have to throw from further and further away. 

Great Ghoul Duel (Google Doodle Archive)

Great Ghoul Duel

Source: YouTube

Google has plenty of games in its bottomless box of tricks, but none of them until now have been a full online multiplayer experience. A very unique game from in the crowd of Google archive games, Great Ghoul Duel has shades of a hyperactive Pacman, as you and your teammates glide around a moody library, graveyard, and other spooky locales, collecting little flames to take back to your base. The team with the most flames of course wins the game! The extra hook point is that when you collect those flames, they give you a ghost a tail, which the opposing team can then glide into, steal, and take back to their base. You can host games and invite your friends and family to join this game too. While it’s no longer on the Google homepage, you can play it in the Google Doodle archive.

So did you know about these hidden Google games? If yes, comment down below which is your favorite one. Also, if you know any other Google game that we missed in this blog, let us know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What game you can play on Google?

As of now, there are countless fun games you can play on Google,  depending on your mood and preferences. Some of the secret Google games include Pac-Man, Snake,  Tic Tac Toe, Solitaire, Breakout, Soccer 2012, Quick Draw, and Champion Island Games. 

Q. How do you play secret games on Google?

To play secret games on Google, search for 'text adventure' or 'text game' in your browser. After searching those terms, press Ctrl+Shift+J on a Windows computer, and if you have a Mac, press Cmd+Option+J. This will open Google's developer console and ask if you want to play a game. From there, type 'yes' and press enter.

Q. Does Google Chrome have a hidden game?

Yes, Google Chrome does have a few hidden games. The most popular one is  Dino Run, to play this game simply turn off your internet on a computer, then load up Google Chrome and try to launch a website, which should fail. Then, you'll see a "No Internet" page with a dinosaur at the top. On a computer, simply press the space bar and the game will be started. It's an endless runner game that can be surprisingly addictive!

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