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Did you Know? Gordon Ramsay's Best Show Came From Behind the bars!

There might be only a few who don't know television’s loudmouth chef Gordon Ramsay. We have all seen him scream and curse on our tv screens. We have seen Gordon visit the worst of the worst restaurants in Kitchen Nightmare and also seen him visit new places and cook with exotic new ingredients in Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. From Hell’s Kitchen to MasterChef US we have seen Gordon appear in many shows, but what if I tell you the best Gordon Ramsay TV show came from behind the bars!

Gordon Ramsay best show behind the bars

Source: JustWatch

No Gordon Ramsay was not arrested and put behind bars. It was rather because of one of his ambitious projects. The bigger picture behind Gordon’s ambitious project was to ease the choke on public finances which was being caused by the increasing cost of housing prisoners in the UK. So Gordon came up with a plan where prisoners would be working towards paying something back to the system. 

In the 4 episodes of “Gordon behind bars,” the celebrity chef spent 6 months teaching convicts culinary skills and drops them into a prison bakery business. Gordon’s efforts went beyond just helping fix the financial strain. Gordon’s efforts also helped the inmates in their rehabilitation by making them more employable after their release. But Gordon’s plans were easier said than done.  

The season begins with Gordon Ramsay reaching Brixton Prison in south London to find prospects. So Gordon started his journey to find future chefs and entrepreneurs in a prison full of drug dealers, burglars, thieves, and muggers. Many convicts signed up to be in Gordon’s prison brigade but only a few that show potential and promise will get a chance. But how would Gordon know to pick the right one? He had all of them make scrambled eggs of course! It’s no secret Gordon Ramsay loves his scrambled eggs and the inmates had to impress Gordon Ramsey with their scrambled eggs if they wanted in on Gordon’s brigade.  

Out of the lot, Gordon chose 12 to take part in this venture. But successfully making below-average scrambled eggs was just not enough for the 12 needed to prove they can actually get something out of this journey. So Gordon tossed another task in front of them. The convicts were tasked with making cupcakes. But hold on, just making cupcakes was not going to cut it. The inmates needed to decorate the cupcakes and sell them in the prison for cash. 

The inmates took their first small step into the baking world and started making their cupcakes with Gordon’s recipe under the supervision of Gordon Ramsay himself. The inmates struggled but few showed real interest and potential. The cupcake decoration team saw a real star in burglar Anthony Kelly. Back in the cupcake marketing department, the inmates cannot keep their hands off the glitter and finally came up with the poster saying “Convict Cupcakes, freshly-baked behind bars”. Selling the first lot of cupcakes in the prison paved the way for Gordon’s goal of starting an enterprise behind bars.

Gordon’s journey toward making Bad Boys Bakery was not a simple one. From finding the right inmates to battling volatile behavior and withstanding stringent prison rules the journey was rougher than anything he might have expected. Gordon Ramsey served 6 months in the Brixton Prison but before his release, he left behind a business that the inmates would keep working for and earning from. In the 6 months covered in 4 episodes for the show “Gordon Behind Bars,” it was not only the celebrity chef overcoming many hurdles, but it was also the growth of the inmates that kept me glued to the tv screen. From undercooked scrambled eggs and messed-up fairy cakes to selling lemon curd treacle slices to a coffee chain, the journey was something else, to say the least.

I personally was looking forward to another season where maybe Gordon Ramsey can visit another prison and start a burger joint from behind the bars. But sadly “Burgers Behind Bars” never became reality. But honestly, safety issues were very real after all Gordon was in a prison surrounded by criminals. During the shoot of “Gordon Behind Bars” many fights broke out and his wife was so concerned about his safety that she made Gordon take self-defense classes.

So do you think Gordon Ramsay’s best show came from behind the bars? Comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Why was Gordon Ramsay arrested? 

There have been two instances suggesting that Gordon Ramsay has been arrested in the past. First, in 1993, before becoming the famous chef we know today, Ramsay was arrested in London at the age of 27 for “gross  

gross indecency" in a public toilet with two friends. The second time, nine years later, Ramsay was arrested in Central London for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. He failed a breathalyzer test but, due to technicalities regarding the officer's procedure, the case was thrown out without any charges.

Q. Who is Tesfa Jones?

Tesfa Jones is an ex-prisoner who was offered the chance to work at Ramsay's restaurants at the Savoy and Mr Wahhab took on Insley who participated in the Bad Boys Bakery project.

Q. Where is Gordon Ramsay right now?

As of December 2023, it's difficult to pinpoint Gordon Ramsay's exact location due to his busy schedule and travel commitments. However, based on recent social media activity and media coverage, it is most likely, that Ramsay's main residence and several of his restaurants are located in the UK capital. He frequently posts on Instagram from locations around London, including his restaurants and Savoy Grill.

Q. How many shows does Gordon Ramsay have?

After considering several factors, a conservative estimate could put the number of shows Gordon Ramsay has been involved in at around 30-40. However, currently, as of 2023, he’s involved in a total of 4 TV shows including Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, and Gordon Ramsay Uncharted. 

Q. What chefs did Gordon Ramsay work under?

According to sources, Gordon Ramsay has worked with some of the top chefs in the world. Ramsay worked under Marco Pierre White at Harvey's and Albert Roux at Le Gavroche, and then under Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy in France.

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