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Do you know Netflix missed these facts about Killer Sally in their documentary?

Netflix loves to dig up the past and bring forward the monsters of the past but Netflix’s new true-crime docuseries has a different narrative. Netflix’s new docuseries is “Killer Sally”, and it entails the 1995 murder of Ray McNeil. But Netflix missed out on some details so we will go through the events that happened and the facts that Netflix missed out on. 

What Killer Sally doesn't show

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But before beginning let us talk about why “Killer Sally” gained so much popularity, that might be because Netflix changed their recipe for Killer Sally. In this true-crime docuseries, Sally herself is telling her side of the story through interviews. Sally talked about the never-ending cycle of abuse she was stuck in and how it all culminated in the horrific event. Sally’s personal touch in front of the camera surely gathered many eyeballs on the screen.

Netflix did not just cover Sally’s marriage with Ray McNeil but they also showed Sally’s life before her marriage with Mr. Olympia's competitor. Before Ray, Sally was married to Anthony Lowden. The couple was married for 4 years before their divorce. Sally in her interview told that spousal abuse was the reason Sally wanted a divorce. Sally also had children with Anthony, two of her children were shown in the documentary. But Sally had three children with Anthony, during their divorce the third child was put up for adoption. Hopefully, the child found a loving family.  

What Killer Sally doesn't show?

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After her divorce, Sally joined the Marines and started bodybuilding. Sally started competing in bodybuilding competitions and won the US Armed Services Physique Championships two times. Her passion for bodybuilding led her to meet Ray McNeil who was also a Marine. While serving in the Marines Sally had some behavioral issues, the Netflix documentary addresses the subject but doesn’t go deep into it. The behavioral issue must be serious because Sally was demoted from her position as a sergeant. Apparently, Sally had anger management issues. She was reported multiple times for violence and lashing out at others. The demotion was the least of her worries because her poor behavioral record meant she could not re-enlist in the Armed Forces. 

Now coming to the infamous Valentine’s Day of 1995 when Ray McNeil breathed his last. Sally told the world her side of the story and how the incident was an act of self-defense. Sally said that Ray spent most of his Valentine’s Day evening away and she was worried he was having an affair as she was stepping out to look for him, Ray returned home and both got into a fight. The verbal altercation soon turned physical and Ray started beating her up. In Sally’s version of Valentine’s Day 1995, he managed to escape from her enraged husband and ran to the bedroom where she had a sawn-off shotgun. She fired the first round that hit Ray in his stomach but did not slow him down. So she was forced to fire the second one in the face and he dropped to the floor.

What Killer Sally doesn't show?

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The documentary touched on some of the evidence that was brought to light during her trial like the trajectory of the rounds fired, evidence suggests that one round was fired when Ray was down on the floor. But one crucial piece of evidence that Netflix failed to show on Killer Sally was that Ray did not have Sally’s DNA on him. If we take Sally’s side of the story then Ray would have had Sally’s DNA on him as he was beating her up but none was there. Don’t you think it is curious? Now if we take into account Sally’s time while she was serving, then a lot of speculations might come into our minds. Sally was reported multiple times for being violent towards others. So could it be Sally murdered her husband in a fit of jealousy? 

But I guess there is no point pondering on that now as Sally already did her time. So, if you have seen Killer Sally comment down below with your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is Sally McNeil in prison?

No, McNeil is no longer in prison. She served her sentence at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, Calif, and was released on parole in May of 2020. By then, she had served a total of 25 years. Right after prison, she shifted to the Veterans Transitional Center in California.

Q. Is killer Sally still in jail? 

No, McNeil is no longer in prison.  In May of 2020, Sally was released from prison after serving 25 years, now she is a free woman.

Q. Where is Sally McNeil now?

Sally McNeil currently resides in Northern California. After her release, McNeil married Norfleet Stewart, whom she met through her Veterans Transition Center support group. 

Q. Is Sally McNeil still married?

Yes, after her release McNeil married Norfleet Stewart, whom she met through her Veterans Transition Center support group. 

Q. What happened to Sally McNeil? 

Sally shot her husband Ray McNeil, a fellow bodybuilder on Valentine’s Day in 1995 due to her unhealthy relationship with her husband. 

Q. How old is Sally McNeil? 

Sally McNeil was born on 30 September 1960, so as of December 2023, she is 63 years old. 

Q. Is Sally McNeil out of jail? 

Yes, Sally McNeil is out of jail now, she was released on parole in June 2020 and now lives in Northern California.

Q. How did Sally McNeil make her money?

As a sergeant in the US Marines, Sally received a regular salary and benefits but later she left the Marines and was making a living doing what some in the industry call "muscle prostitution', private wrestling matches with men who paid her up to $300 an hour to be manhandled by a muscular woman in hotel rooms, their own homes, or even Sally's apartment.

Q. Why is Sally McNeil in prison?

Sally McNeil was in prison because she was convicted of shooting and killing her husband, Ray McNeil, on Valentine's Day, 1995, she has since served time in prison.

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