Publication date November 2, 2023

Doja Cat Devil Persona: What Does it Mean?

Doja Cat, a Grammy-nominated rapper and singer, is shaking up the music industry with her satanic persona. But what is the deal behind her ‘Satanic’ persona? 

Doja cat Scarlett the rapper

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She gained fame and recognition when her debut album, “Amala” was released in 2018. The more famous songs on this album include “Wine Pon You,” “Candy,” and “Go to Town.”

But her fame dramatically increased in early 2020  when her chart-topping hit, “Say So”, was released and became an Internet sensation on ‘TikTok.’

Millions of fans were dancing and making videos of her songs, which increased Doja's fame rapidly.

Now after a two-year break, she has made a notorious comeback to the music industry with her new single Doja Cat album, “Paint the Town Red,” and upcoming album, “Scarlet.”

The unique part of her return is that she has adopted a new devil persona. 
Some people call it  ‘possession by the devil,’ and ‘Satan worshiping,’ Doja Cat’s new song, “Paint the Town Red,” presents her new indifferent way of life.

Lyrics from this song state, “Yeah, b****, I said what I said, I’d rather be famous instead, I let all that get to my head, I don’t care, I paint the town red.”

These lyrics showcase the new carelessness of the artist through her alter ego, ‘Scarlet,’ who is unafraid to voice her opinions.

But, this is not the main cause of controversy surrounding Doja Cat, that is her new appeal of Satanism.

Her recent music video from the song “Pain the Town Red” features what many people consider to be notable symbols of Satanism.

The scenes such as Doja partaking in a meat ritual, which is a religious ritual, Doja wearing pentagrams on her sleeves, and her dressed as the demon.

Some people are calling this Doja Cat album music video “gruesome” and “disturbing.” For some fans, the lyrics of the album are also concerning. In the album, Doja Cat refers to herself as the devil.

But since her departure from her traditional style of the pop-rap genre this past summer, Doja has dedicated herself to making music that is less tailored to mainstream trends and more to what she believes is her authentic self.

Doja Cat

Source: W Magazine

Her new behavior has led some of her fans to question her music and behavior.

One fan stated, “I really liked her music in 2020 when it was really popular. It kind of had a pop vibe to it, and a little bit of rap.”

It was enjoyable because it didn’t have crazy themes in it, her more recent music is kind of demonic, and the way she presents her music as well is also kind of concerning.”

On the other hand, other fans have observed a noticeable change in both the effect and sound of Scarlett the rapper's song.

There are many people who appreciate the artist’s enduring skill in crafting bold verses and sounds.

“In her new music, specifically ‘Attention’ and ‘Paint The Town Red,’ you can see her start going more into classic rap with good flow and lyricism,” a fan said. “I’m a big fan of her music, and her recent controversy has not really taken away from that at all.”

Another listener believes Doja Cat’s new music is appealing, “I feel like her music has been a lot more vocal and opinionated about her own life. It just feels very confident to me,” the listener said, adding she enjoys Doja Cat’s nonchalance and message in the lyrics.

The message that Doja Cat Satanist has conveyed in her music has also disturbed her public presence, leading to feelings of betrayal from her most loyal fans and supporters.

After publicly attacking fans on social media for their allegiance to her in July, Doja Cat has lost over 500,000 followers on Instagram and several thousand on other social media platforms.

Her public response to the situation expressed personal liberation, sharing a view of not needing her fans or caring what they think.

A follower stated, “In my opinion, I think she’s trying to spite people and lean against that sexual image, but there’s a way to do that without being overly inflammatory and purposely trying to be negative toward people who don’t deserve it.”

Some of her fans believe Doja Cat’s public persona embracing Satanism and worshiping the devil is an act.

“It feels like she’s playing a character. She’s definitely trying to get her name out there. It’s like the phrase ‘any publicity is good publicity,’” a follower said.

“At least from what I’m seeing, I think that’s something that she’s definitely trying to do, and I don’t think that’s overtly something that makes a bad person. I think she’s doing what’s going to get a reaction,” she added.

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