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Energizing Hot Yoga Flow For A Wonderful Start Of The Day

Hot yoga is a great way to begin your day. Practicing it first thing in the morning is sure to energize you for the rest of the day. Many people don’t like to squeeze in those intense workouts followed by cardio and that’s when yoga comes to their rescue. 

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a term used to describe yoga practiced in sauna-like room temperature conditions. It was founded by Bikram Chowdhary in the 1970s and was also called Bikram Yoga initially. But as time went on, other forms of yoga too picked up this feature from Bikram Yoga, and from then on, people only knew two types of yoga - normal yoga and hot yoga. 

Bikram yoga, or hot yoga is based on the core hatha yoga system from India which is performed in a room with 105 degree Fahrenheit temperature and about 40 percent humidity. Bikram, the originator of hot yoga, wanted to imitate the exact way of doing yoga in India, so he thought having the same kind of atmospheric conditions as in India was necessary.  

Standing Deep Breathing ( Pranayama) 

Hot yoga starts with pranayama ( breathing exercise) improves the overall oxygen levels in the body and increases concentration level. 

Half Moon Pose

First, one has to start with a lateral half-moon pose and then gradually move on to doing the complete half-moon pose. The half-moon pose helps in relaxing and strengthening the core muscles. 

Hot yoga

Source: Wikipedia

Awkward Pose

The name sure does sound a little crazy. But, don’t worry it’s simple and awkward at the same time to do this pose. It strengthens the hip, ankles, and calves and tones the leg. 

Hot yoga

Source: Verywell Fit

Eagle Pose

Did you know that the eagle pose opens your hips deeply? It also helps in opening up your shoulders and improves balance and focus. 

Hot yoga

Source: Ekhart Yoga

Standing Head to Knee Pose

 In the beginning, Standing head-to-knee pose is fairly challenging to do, but definitely not difficult, and with enough practice you can ace it. The harder the challenge is, the sweeter and better its benefits, right? This holds true for this pose. It strengthens and stretches all the muscles in the leg. Apart from this, it also increases one’s awareness of breath. It’s a great pose for people whose jobs force them to be seated in one place. 

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Flowing from the standing head to knee pose next pose is the transition to the standing bow-pulling pose that expands the ribcage and helps in increasing the respiratory capacity. It also strengthens the core and thighs. 

Balancing Stick Pose

Another asana for increasing focus and strengthening core muscles. It also helps improve cardiovascular health and increases blood flow to the heart and brain. 

hot yoga

Source: Avocadu

Standing separate leg stretching pose

As the name suggests, this pose stretches the legs and helps in blood circulation to the adrenal glands. It also helps in increasing flexibility in hips, shoulders, and calves. 

Triangle Pose

Triangle pose is easy to do as a beginner and offers many benefits. Performing this pose will stretch your hips, groins, hamstrings, and calves. It also helps reduce back pain and increases the equilibrium of mind and body. 

hot yoga

Source: Yoga Journal

Standing separate leg head to knee pose

The standing separate leg head-to-knee pose is another variation of the 8th pose in the Bikram yoga sequence that helps to increase mental clarity by increasing the blood flow in the brain. 

Tree Pose

Tree pose is immensely beneficial for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety issues. It helps to achieve the balance between the masculine and feminine energies in the body. 

Hot yoga

Source: Yoga Journal

Toe Stand

Toe stand marks the last pose in the standing sequence of hot yoga. It is a bit difficult to practice, but with time anybody can master it. It helps to vitalize the joints and relieves arthritis in the legs and hips. 

Hot yoga

Source: Verywell Fit

Corpse pose

The easiest and probably everyone's favorite pose that helps in cooling, and relaxing the body before the Bikram yoga transitions to seated poses. 

Wind Removing Pose

Wind-removing pose strengthens the muscles near your abdomen and helps open the hips. It is beneficial to relieve lower back pain and get rid of any issues with digestion over time. 

Sit up

Sit-up pose in hot yoga is not the regular sit-ups that one does while working out or the normal head-to-knee pose in standing variation as you do in other forms of yoga. This form is performed while you are still seated. Sit-up pose increases the blood flow to the brain and improves focus. 

hot yoga

Source: My Yoga Teacher

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is beneficial to get your core and abdominal muscles all worked up. This pose can help in reducing belly fat and prevent back pain. 

hot yoga

Source: Yoga Journal

Locust Pose

Locust pose is known for its backbend stretch that helps tone the hips, buttocks, and legs. It can also help relieve the stiffness in the neck and is ideal for all corporate job holders who sit straining their necks in front of screens. 

hot yoga

Source: Yogateket

Full Locust Pose

Full Locust pose is similar to locust pose except that you stretch out your hands too. This pose helps in strengthening your back muscles that support the spine. 

hot yoga

Source: Yoga Journal

Bow pose

Bow pose helps in opening up the chest and shoulders. You may not get it right the first day you do it, so keep practicing this pose. It opens up the most underused muscles - hip flexors. 

Hot yoga

Source: Yoga Journal

Fixed Firm pose

The fixed firm pose is an excellent pose for everyone who is a couch potato. Being a couch potato can contribute to back pain and decreased flexibility in the backbones and muscles. The fixed firm pose comes to aid and helps in combating all the above problems. This pose is likely challenging, but like any other difficult pose, one can always work up from scratch. 

Hot yoga

Source: Hot Yoga 101

Half Tortoise Pose

Half tortoise pose is similar to the child's pose and offers much-needed relaxation in this hot yoga flow. It relaxes the shoulders and neck while gently stretching the hips.

Half Tortoise Pose

Source: Yoga Jala

Camel Pose

Camel pose is a backbend stretch that opens up your front body. This pose aids in improving digestion and increases the flexibility of the spine. It also helps relieve menstrual cramps. Another advantage is that it promotes new hair growth. 

Hot Yoga

Source: Gaia

Rabbit pose

Rabbit pose is a forward fold bend that helps relieve the tension in the back and shoulders. It helps in decreasing insomnia, sinus, and depression as well. 

Hot Yoga

Source: FitSri

Head to Knee Pose and Stretching Pose

A great pose to improve flexibility and posture and is also used as a restoration pose after heavy cardio or running. 

Hot Yoga

Source: FitSri

Spine twisting pose

The spine-twisting pose is easy to perform as a beginner offering a wide array of benefits for maintaining spine health. It opens up the blocked energy systems of the body, also known as the chakra system.

Hot yoga

Source: Yoga Basics

Breathing exercise #2

The original hot yoga ends with a breathing exercise called Kapalbhati pranayama which helps detoxify the subtle energy channels in the body. 

Hot Yoga

Source: Styles At Life

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