Publication date April 25, 2023

Every Lady Should Have a Red Lipstick and Here’s Why [With 2 Secret Lipstick Tricks]

Red lipsticks are perhaps the brightest shade ever adorned, and they have and will always stay on trend. 

Think about it, movie stars and celebrities in the 90s, like Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, and Madonna, melted the hearts of their fans on front cover pages with their stunning red lips blazing hot. 

It's over two decades now, and red lipsticks are still in the spotlight. We see celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Angelina Jolie sweeping people off their feet and reminding us of how alluring red lips are.

Let’s get to the secret behind red lipsticks and see why every lady should own one in her collection.

Every lady needs a red lipstick

Source: Glamour

Red Lipsticks Exude Confidence 

Let's face it: It's almost impossible to overlook a woman on red lipsticks. It's not just because they are attractive. Red lipstick has its own way of evoking confidence in women.

It doesn’t matter what shoes, clothes or bag you are wearing, a red lipstick lights up your looks. 

Red Lipsticks Are Empowering

Here's an interesting fact: The red shade has a historical linkage to feminism. Subsequent to the growth of christianity in Europe came a reluctance to allow women wear red lipsticks.. 

Generally, makeup was discouraged within the Christian states as they were tagged ungodly and red lipsticks were vehemently shunned. 

However, Queen Elizabeth I, former English monarch, decided to go "rogue" with her choice of lip color. She set an example for her subjects who dared to wear red lips again during her reign. 

Also, in the United States, women were disenfranchised in the early 1800s. By 1912, women had begun peaceful protests against their disenfranchisement all over the United States. The delegates in New York led a march all the way down Fifth Avenue. Historical records prove that one of the notable features of the women who fought for their suffrage was the red lipsticks they wore. Elizabeth Arden had designed and distributed the lipsticks to the women. Till date, women who recognize the power in this shade are still bossing and intimidating others on red lips. 

Everyone needs a red lipstick

Source: Heart Radio

They Accentuate Beauty

There's a reason why the front cover models wear red lipsticks — the drop-dead gorgeous look they bring. Of course, there are other pretty lipstick shades, but no one can deny that red lips are in fact captivating. 

If you want to go all out with your makeup and look hot and sexy, you may have to dig out your red lipsticks. 

What makes red lipsticks more impressive is that they complement all skin tones beautifully. Interestingly, there are various shades of red. What matters is finding the perfect shade for your skin tone. With the right lipstick tricks, you can create different looks, depending on your mood. 

They Provide Lip Definition

Red lipsticks provide full coverage and lip definition. One of the lipstick tricks women use to achieve definition is to combine pale shades like nude and pink with lip liners. Red lipsticks don't need all that work — just apply within the border of your lips, fill in the inner parts, smack to blend, and you're ready for the "show. "

Unfortunately, some low-quality products may constantly break on the lips after a while, which is quite unattractive. So, always choose top-quality products and brands that last a long time.

Their Use Is Flexible

One important quality of a good makeup product is its convenience and flexibility. Red is one of the most versatile shades for women's makeup. Owing to how bold red lipsticks are, they can be worn solo or with minimal makeup. 

But that doesn't mean they are unsuitable for full facial makeup — it all comes down to your preference. Even better, red lipsticks can be combined with other colors to form an array of ombré lip shades. 

Every lady needs a red lipstick

Source: Harper's Bazaar

They Form Hot Ombré Shades

Women who are a bit uncomfortable with bold colors can combine red with neutral shades like nude or pink. Moreover, there are more options of beautiful and bold ombre shades from a combination of red with darker colors like wine, black, or brown. 

However, the method of application with other shades matters. Preferably, neutral shades should be applied just in the center of your lips. 

That way, the red shade will define the corners of your lips while creating an ombré shade. On the other hand, red is better complemented with darker shades when the former is applied to the center of your lips.

They Make You look younger

Like magic, red lips give an appearance of brighter and more youthful skin. The more reason you should have one in your collection. Scientific studies prove that red lips are associated with youthfulness. 

Hence, the younger we are, the redder our lips and vice versa. So when your skin is not at its best or you wake up with dark circles, applying a red shade can divert attention from the affected areas to your lips. 

And note: This lipstick trick is not restricted to young women. Aging women enjoy the benefits of wearing red lipstick as well. 

2 Essential Red Lipstick Tricks For Women

Choose the perfect shade

Instead of wearing a random shade, you should pick the one that's better suited for your skin tone. Women with warm skin tones look stunning in dark red, ruby, and scarlet, while brick red, cherry, and raspberry are better suited for women with cool skin tones.

Apply on lined lips

Lining your lips with a pencil or a darker lipstick shade isn't necessary with red lipsticks. However, using lip liners is cool to get more definition. With a lip liner, you can either create fuller or smaller lips, depending on your preference.

In conclusion, feel free to wear your red lipstick whenever you want to boss up. Although it’s a tiny beauty item, it’s also a huge power house. Always remember; where the occasion calls for it, wear your red lipstick with pride and confidence. Red lipstick is never too much for any occasion, although it’s advisable to wear a darker shade for professional settings. We recommend that you carry one around in a small purse just in case there's an urgent need to use it.

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