Publication date April 14, 2023

Father of the year protests against McDonald's for incomplete order!

The internet has made our lives easy. Thanks to the internet now we can have everything with just the tap of a button. From watching our favorite shows to ordering our favorite food, the internet has brought everything just to a tap of a button. But nothing in this world is perfect, well maybe Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs are perfect but those are an exception. But what is no exception is restaurants sometimes make mistakes in fulfilling orders when placed online. And you can imagine this would frustrate anyone. But some go to the extreme when it comes to getting justice for their order and McDonald’s found that out firsthand recently. 

Father protests at McDonald's

Source: Kent Online

A man who is now identified as David Shepherd did not take it kindly when McDonald’s sent him an incomplete order. I guess this time around Ronald McDonald messed with the wrong Englishman. David Shepherd is a father of four and all he wanted to do is treat his children to a nice meal. So, he ordered from McDonald’s through Uber Eats for which the bill was approximately 80 pounds. But unfortunately, his order came without fries and drinks. Just imagine you have ordered food for your children for which you paid in full and after waiting when you finally receive the order it's incomplete. If I was in David’s place I would be unhappy too.

A very unhappy David got into his car and drove to the McDonald’s outlet and asked the employees to replace the missing items from his order. But the McDonald’s employees told him it would be against their “company policy”. Well, you would think if McDonald’s fails to deliver the right order or if they deliver an incomplete order, it would be their policy to replace the missing orders. Then why did McDonald’s employees refuse to fulfill David’s order?

McDonald’s employees were unable to fulfill David’s request because he placed the order through Uber Eats. He needs to connect with Uber and they will refund him for the missing items. But it was not as simple as that because after connecting with Uber Eats David found out that they would only refund missing items up to 21 Pounds. And obviously, this was not acceptable to David so he drove to the McDonald’s only to be disappointed but as I said Ronald McDonald messed with the wrong English man. 

David Shepherd wasn’t going to let any clown-led fast food franchise let him push around so he decided to protest until justice was served to him in the form of fries and drinks. The father of 4 took up a position in the McDonald’s drive-thru and made it clear that he will not move until he receives his full order. David Shepard continued his protest for more than two hours and even blocked the McDonald’s drive-thru delivery point for another hour. If you ask me, McDonald's could have easily avoided this situation if they just gave the food the father paid for. But you would be happy to know that the man was not arrested and it looks like justice has prevailed once more.

I must say David Shepard is surely the father of the year for fighting for his children’s meals and standing up against a fast food giant. I don’t think I would have done the same if I was in that situation but what would you have done? Comment down below.

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