Publication date November 6, 2023

Feeling bored at night? Here are 8 Cool things to do at Night to Kill your Boredom

Feeling bored and looking for fun things to do at night to kill boredom? This happens commonly to so many of us, but most of the time, we end up endlessly scrolling through our phones.

Bored at night

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Sometimes the idea of going out with your friends at night can be pretty enticing too. But the problem here is that your friends might be busy or sleeping or it also costs quite a bit of money.

If you want to be alone or want to save money by staying home, but you don't know what to do at 3 a.m., this list will help.

So, instead of tossing around your bed and waiting around for the time to pass, we’ve put together a list of 7 cool things that you can do when you’re bored at night.

1. Write

Writing Journal

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Sometimes expressing your thoughts on paper can work like therapy.  Just write down whatever happening in your life in a creative way. And if you love writing, craft a sonnet, play, or a short story.

If you are not sure where to begin, then just start writing about how your day went, what you did, and what happened. Don't pressure yourself into trying to write something that is just perfect, just focus on enjoying the process.

You can also write a letter to your loved ones. Start by expressing your love, and appreciation, or tell your close ones how grateful you are for them.

2. Spend time with your pet

Spend time with your pet

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This one is my one of favorite things to do when bored at night.

In the hustle and bustle of daily duties, we often forget about cuddling our pets.
Spending time with your pet can help you relax, and of course, your pet will love all the attention. If it's safe, take your dog for a nighttime walk.

You can also spend time teaching your pet new tricks or giving them much-needed treats. Sometimes, pets just want your little attention, so if your pet is in a play food mood, play along, take some of their toys, and have fun. 

3. Explore your love of music

Listening to music

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When it comes to things to do at night, how can we skip listening to our favorite music? Just put on some music and sing along, you can also practice an instrument if you have. Soothing music can help you relax, sleep, and unwind after a long day.

If you were thinking of creating your own playlist, then this is the perfect time. Create your own or play your playlist to help pass the time. In case you are not sure what to listen to, text friends and ask for some music suggestions.

If you are more of a podcast person instead. Start listening to a podcast on a subject or story that interests you

4. Redesign your clothes

Splatter painting on cloth

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If you are artistic and wondering about things to do in the middle of the night, decorating your old clothes may be a perfect idea.

You have probably got a small pile of old clothes that need a little touch. Redesign your clothes by mending any pieces that have holes, snags, or unfashionable rips.

For a fun project, add dye to old jeans or sweatshirts or you can also add some rhinestones to a jacket. If you've got old jeans in your wardrobe, take some time to distress a few pairs

5. Clean or organize your Room

Organising the room

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Start some cleaning work, that you have been putting off for a long time. It may not be the most fun way to spend your night, but you will better enjoy your space if it looks clean and organized.

As you clean your room, get rid of things that you no longer need that you may have scattered around. For example, put your shoes into a shoe cubby, organize all your books on the bookshelves, or clean out all the items under your bathroom sink.

If your wardrobe is messy, go through your clothes, too. Set aside any clothes you no longer need or wear. Have a box nearby for clothes, you can even donate them.

6. Connect with your loved ones

Connect with your loved ones

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Talking to your loved ones can be one of the fun things to do at night when you are bored. Call or email a friend or family member you haven't talked to for a long time.

But also don’t forget to consider whether they're sleeping before you call. If it's too late or midnight, you can go with our above-mentioned idea, write an email or handwritten letter to them.

Either way, reaching out to someone can be a great way to deal with boredom. You can catch up, find out what they've been doing lately, and encourage them.

If you're not sure what to talk about when you call, start with something like, "Hey, I know it's been a while, but you've been on my mind. How are you doing?"

7. Experiment in the kitchen

Experiment in the kitchen

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Cooking can be one of the fun things to do at night if you enjoy making new dishes. You can experiment with any simple recipe that you want to cook.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, go with a simple and easy-to-make recipe.
It could be cocktail-making, new tea flavors, a sandwich, or an exotic cuisine altogether. Try it out, and see what your senses and palate have to say about that.

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