Publication date January 5, 2024

Feeling Bored on the Phone? Here are some fun things to do

Imagine yourself in an Uber waiting to reach your destination but now you are stuck in traffic, what is the first thing you will do?

Many of us may say, that we will think about something productive for us, but do we actually do that?

Bored on the phone

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If we are being honest, we will realize that we often end up pulling out our phones from our purses and randomly opening social media to scroll through a variety of things until we are feeling bored. 

There are multiple things to do when you are bored on the phone, some of them are entertaining and fun such as games to play over text while others are more useful and productive. 

On that note here are some of the fun as well as useful things to do on the phone when you are bored:

1. Listen to Music

Listening to music is one of the best ways to entertain yourself when you are feeling bored on the phone. 

Listen to music

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For many of us, listening to music can be therapeutic as well. Today, there is a wide range of songs and music available to choose from.  

All you need to do is choose a song according to your mood and it will uplift your mood.

Or in case you have a bad day, you can cheer yourself up with some exciting pop songs, or are you feeling stressed? Cry it out, with some sad songs on Spotify to soothe yourself.

As people have said, we tend to attach memories to songs, so you can also simply relive the moments through your favorite songs.

2. Play games

There are endless fun games to play when you are bored! Playing games can be so much fun as it excites us with different characters, levels, and rewards.

Candy Crush Soda much like the original Candy Crush is a classic match-three game, but in this version you will find a ton more levels. 

It has new and interesting features and a bunch of puzzles that will keep you occupied in a waiting room and in your Uber, without making you feel bored.

Aside from this exciting game, there are also a bunch of other games to play when bored. Such as online games chatting and Subway Surfers.

If you have already played Temple Run then you will realize that Subway Surfers has the same concept.

But in Subway Surfers, there are additional things like hoverboards and jetpacks, which can help you escape from the security guard (game character) who is trying to track the main character down.

Along the way, you can collect coins and other collectibles. If you connect to Facebook, you can play against your friend's high scores, which is also a great feature.

Additionally, you can also unlock different characters and different hoverboards as well.

3. Watch a movie that you always wanted to

You can find yourself in a completely new world of love, fantasy, action, comedy, and thriller with just a few clicks on your phone. 

Watch a movie

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Watching a movie that you always wanted to watch can be another fun thing to do when you are bored on the phone.

Taking time for yourself is an essential part of self-love and you can treat yourself to the movie you always wanted to watch. By watching a movie, you will not only kill the boredom but also it will offer you new perspectives and learnings. 

4. Call your loved ones

We are often so busy in the hustle and bustle of our lives, that we forget how important it is to be connected to our loved ones.

From making morning breakfast to working several hours straight, there is always so much to do. 

Call your loved ones

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But because of our phone, and its availability to contact anyone, anywhere, and at any time, even if we are so far from our loved ones, we are still so close! 

So if you have such easy access to call your favorite people, then why not? Make use of your phone to let people know how much you love them and how much you miss them. 

5. Browse E-commerce Store 

Got nothing to do? Well, maybe it's time to shop for a new dress or maybe an electronic gadget, or if you are an artistic person then maybe some home decor stuff. 

Browse E-commerce Store

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You can browse through all popular e-commerce stores such as Amazon and Walmart to compare the prices of the product you want to purchase and grab the best deal. 

6. Read some books on Your Phone 

If you are a book lover, but struggling to find some time from your busy schedule to read one, then this is the perfect time!

Read some books on your phone

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If your phone is of sufficient size then you can definitely read books when you are feeling bored on the phone.

You can download books on your phone easily from many platforms or you can 
also read through any PDF reading app or read on Kindle.

For the times when you forgot to carry the physical book that you were planning to read while traveling, it’s great to read that book on your phone.

Also, if you are reading books on your phone, then you don’t need to carry the extra weight of physical books. 

7. Learn a new language

It’s time to throw that boring textbook of English to French out of the window. Because we live in the times, where learning something new can be so much interesting.

If you are stuck in traffic or waiting for your number to come for a doctor's appointment, pull out your phone from your bag and learn a brand new language through new exciting apps.

These apps come with multiple fun activities and learning exercises, so why feel bored on the phone, if you can master a new language? 

The Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, the above-given list of fun and useful activities to do when you are feeling bored on the phone was helpful for you. So now just pick an activity as per your preferences and beat the boredom effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can you do on your smartphone?

Depending on the kind of smartphone you are using, you can do a lot of things, such as you can make and receive calls and texts, use messaging apps like WhatsApp, video chat with friends and family, browse the web, access information, watch videos and listen to the music, play games, read books and articles, use social media, set reminders and alarms, take photos and videos, book flights and hotels and more. 

Q. What are things to do in class when bored?

There are many cool things to do when you’re feeling bored in class depending on your unique preference, such as play games with your friends, write a story, write a song, compose a note to a friend, daydream, design a tattoo, draw something nice, sketch someone in your classroom, design your dream home, create a new emoji and journaling

Q. What are fun things to do on Google?

Google has many fun things to do beyond searching for information, such as playing hidden games, using Google Ngram Viewer to compare how frequently specific terms were used throughout history, and discovering trends and fascinating insights. Hear adorable animal sounds directly on Google, explore artistic treasures from around the world through virtual tours of museums on Google Arts & Culture, and use  Autodraw, an AI-powered game that helps you sketch any object, and Google guesses what it is.  

Q. What are some cool things to do on mobile?

According to the web, some of the cool things to do on mobile include listening to podcasts, learning a new language, reading a book, playing games, downloading an audiobook, streaming something to watch, organizing your emails, paying bills, playing a board game, and using a productivity app.

Q. Does my iPhone listen to me?

Yes, your iPhone can potentially listen to you in a few ways, depending on your settings and activities, for example, your iPhone has Siri, a voice assistant that can constantly listen for certain wake words or other keywords.  However, you have control over how much information your device listens to and collects and can adjust your settings to protect your privacy

Q. How to make your phone look cool?

Depending on your unique styles, you can make your phone look cool in many different ways, such as you can set theme and wallpaper, setting live wallpapers, changing widgets, picking a phone case that expresses your style, and you can also add a touch of personality with PopSockets or fun screen protectors.

Q. What happens if you spend 12 hours on your phone?

Depending on your age, activity level, and content consumed, spending 12 hours on your phone can have a significant impact on your mental as well as physical health. Spending too much time looking at a phone screen can cause fatigue or discomfort in your eyes as well as dimmed vision. Glare on screens and the brightness of the display can further strain your eyes. Ultimately, this strain can lead to headaches.

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