Publication date November 8, 2023

From Home-Cooked Delights to Outdoor Adventures: 50+ Date Night Jar Ideas To Try

After being with your partner for a while, the honeymoon phase fades and date nights often fall by the wayside. The excitement of new experiences is often replaced with a tedious routine.

And it becomes hard to spend quality time with your partner, maybe because of a hectic work schedule or lack of excitement. But, if you want to boost your love life, here are some date night jar ideas you can look into.

This post will tell you the importance of a date ideas jar and will give you 50+ date night jar ideas to add to your jar to get you started. So you can look forward to trying out new exciting things with your partner. 

Why do you need a Date Ideas Jar?

Having a date ideas jar can give you multiple benefits for strengthening your relationship and maintaining fun and romance. Even if you have kids.

Hiking with your partner

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In fact, especially if you are a mother, you should be prioritizing your time just for you and your partner to spend together. Here are a few key reasons why you should create a date ideas jar: 

Getting to Know Your Partner

A date ideas jar filled with you and your partner’s favorite date ideas and some unfamiliar activities can play an important role in your relationship. 

In this way, you get to see each other’s interests, skills, and talents, and you learn about each other, even if you have known each other for 20 years already.

From lovely popsicle stick date ideas to more exciting crafty date ideas, you both can know a lot more about each other than ever before. 

Adds Excitement To Your Love Life 

A movie night and a romantic dinner together at home can be sweet as well, but there is no harm in trying new things. When we do something new it naturally excites us and builds up our shared energy. 

When you both go somewhere new or try a whole new experience for the first time, you reconnect in this shared experience. You also give something special to yourself to look forward to together. 

You Spend Quality Time Together

When it comes to spending time together as a couple, date nights can win your hearts. It is especially important when you both have hectic schedules and struggle to get a few minutes together. 

In this way, a date ideas jar will help you and your partner stay committed to your weekly date night routine or monthly if that better suits your routine.

Better Communication

Talking to your partner via text or chat is entirely different from talking in person. Date night will allow you to talk and discuss things more openly and deeply. 

We all know that communication is key to a healthy relationship and date nights open new conversation topics like new shared memories and inside jokes. 

It also makes you more cooperative when faced with obstacles, so you are prepared to tackle them together in a better way. 

Healthy and Stronger Bond 

When you plan date nights, you simply give a chance to yourself and your partner to make your relationship stronger. 

If you have kids together, making time for one another with a regular date ideas jar is an important way of showing your kids that your relationship matters. This sets an important message for your children in demonstrating healthy relationships.

The Ultimate List of Date Ideas Jar

Now that you know why you should create a date ideas jar, it’s time to add some cool and exciting ideas to your own date night jar. 

List of date ideas jar

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The list of ideas has a mixture of indoor, outdoor, creative, and self-care activities the two of you can enjoy together. Your date night will be to the next level with the help of these fun date ideas:

  1. Go rollerskating
  2. Cheese night indoors
  3. Play video games
  4. Cook a new recipe together
  5. Make your own ice cream sundae
  6. Dollar store gift exchange
  7. Go to a comedy club
  8. Home movie night
  9. Try a new restaurant
  10. Go ice skating
  11. Play a sexy dice game
  12. Go to a dinner cruise
  13. Have a bubble bath together
  14. Attend a wine-tasting
  15. Mini road trip
  16. Do a spicy photoshoot
  17. Take dance lessons
  18. Create a Paris night-themed date
  19. Home scavenger hunt
  20. Visit a night event 
  21. Have dinner at a nice restaurant
  22. Create a bucket list
  23. Go on a bike ride
  24. Have a sunset beach picnic
  25. Volunteer together
  26. Attend a festival or local event
  27. Taste test various foods
  28. Do a puzzle
  29. Do a mystery date
  30. Flip through photo albums 
  31. Watch old videos together 
  32. Go dancing
  33. Play truth or dare
  34. Bar hopping
  35. Create an outdoor cinema
  36. Build a garden
  37. Learn a new skill together
  38. Attend a sports match
  39. Give each other a massage
  40. Backyard picnic under the moonlight
  41. Draw each other’s portrait
  42. Plan a trip
  43. Visit a farmer’s market
  44. Create a relationship scrapbook
  45. Go for a hike
  46. Visit local historic sites
  47. Visit cafes and pastry shops 
  48. Horseback riding
  49. Attend a concert
  50. Watch favorite movies from childhood
  51. Take each other shopping 
  52. Host a brunch together
  53. Back deck dinner

So now what are you waiting for? Create your own date night jar with these fun date night ideas that are enjoyable, exciting, and full of romance. Set date nights weekly or monthly to ensure that your relationship is well-nurtured and strong. 

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