Publication date October 26, 2023

Funny and Quirky Pregnancy Announcements for Every Mom-to-Be

Tell your husband you're pregnant

Whether it is your first or fifth pregnancy, the excitement of finding out you are pregnant is hard to conceal from your close ones. 

You might be thinking of running to your partner and telling the good news right away! But, instead of this, you can come up with creative and funny pregnancy announcements to share the good news with your husband. 

On that note, here are a few funny ideas to help you find a memorable way to reveal this news to your husband and friends: 

1. Bottle Swap

If you are looking for fun ways to tell your husband you're pregnant, try out this idea. Plan a night in with your husband, gather the fixing for their favorite drinks, and pair them with some snacks.

After getting cozy on the couch, ask your husband what they’d like to drink and prepare it in the kitchen, putting their drink in a baby bottle. 

And when you bring it out and give it to them, they’ll get the message, or it will be fun to watch them try to piece it together!

2. Make a meal – with a babyish dessert

Surprise your husband with a funny pregnancy announcement by preparing an entire dinner made with baby food. 

funny pregnancy announcement

Have fun with it and write fancy descriptions, like “Artisanal carrot mash alongside deconstructed pea puree topped with softened sweet potato.” 

Now serve beverages in baby bottles and use bibs as napkins for your partner. Sooner or later, your partner will get this funny pregnancy announcement idea.

3. Secret Mirror Message

This can be another perfect idea for a fun way to announce pregnancy to your partner. First of all clean the bathroom mirror in a proper way, so there are no spots, you can also use glass cleaner and rubbing alcohol to do this.

Now, take a cotton ball and dip it in temporary paint. Then write your message on the mirror, such as “I’m Pregnant” or “Congratulations! You’re gonna be a dad soon!” after writing your message, let it dry. 

When your partner takes a bath or shower, they will eventually see your message. 

4. Happy Snap 

If you are looking for ideas to announce pregnancy to your husband, this can be a perfect funny way to announce pregnancy.

Ask your partner to take a selfie with them or get a friend to take your photo. 

As you count down to take the picture, say “I’m Pregnant”, exactly before the camera clicks. 

After this, I’m sure you will have your partner's shocked and surprised reaction and that will be captured in the photo. This photo can be a memory you can treasure forever. 

5. Let a Doughnut say “I’m Pregnant”

This idea can be a funny way to tell you are pregnant not only to your husband but also to all your friends. 

pregnancy announcement note

Go to your favorite bakery and get a few boxes of doughnuts. On the inside of every box, put a pregnancy announcement note that says something funny and cheesy like “Eat up! I don’t want to grow this baby bump alone!”  

6. Team Jersey

If you’re more interested in a playful way to tell your husband you’re pregnant, or a silly pregnancy announcement that makes your partner laugh, consider this funny idea.

If you have a family of sports lovers, you may appreciate this creative way. Get custom-made team jerseys for you, your husband, and your new arrival. 

They can have printed names on the back like, “Mom,” “Dad” and Baby.” Now give one to your husband that says “Dad” while wearing yours, and they realize what it means, you can show the baby jersey!

7. Parent Proposal

In the list of ideas to announce pregnancy to the husband, this one is a little more special. Just as your partner may have proposed to you for marriage or you to them,  give them a new proposition: Will you be a parent? 

Parent Proposal

This pregnancy announcement idea is perfect for soon-to-be dads! Get down on one knee and open a ring box holding a pacifier. 

8. Table for Three

Another cute and funny way to announce pregnancy to your partner is to make dinner reservations for three at your favorite restaurant.

Ask the restaurant staff to write “Congratulations” in chocolate or fruit puree on a plate and place it at the third table setting. 

And if you have been trying to get pregnant, your husband might quickly figure out the reason behind the message, but if this announcement is a happy surprise, you can play coy until your partner guesses correctly. 

9. Story Time 

Our last idea for a funny way to announce pregnancy is to put together your own children’s book or at least borrow one. 

Get a copy of your husband’s favorite baby book or a classic title and insert your own page into the middle of the story to announce the big news.

Now ask your partner to read the book to you, and once they’ve read the part revealing that you’re pregnant, you can also surprise them with a cute pair of baby shoes!

As a final thought, I hope now you have plenty of ideas for how to tell your husband you are pregnant. 

But no matter which idea you choose to share your happy news, try not to worry too much about props and details. 

A pregnancy announcement to your partner doesn’t have to be picture-perfect; it just needs to be something funny that you’ll enjoy and remember forever. 

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