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Gene Simmons to Stan Lee list of popular celebrities at Hell’s Kitchen season 21

Hell's Kitchen, which is hosted by Gordon Ramsay, has had its fair share of famous people as judges and diners. When Paris Hilton ate there, Ramsay went into one of his famous rages and stormed out of the restaurant. Some of the people who have been served by the contestants on the show have been burlesque stars, reality TV stars, and Marvel Comics' Stan Lee.

From time to time, different celebrities stop by to judge the food, which usually stirs things up in the kitchen. The show is really a who's who of famous people who go out to eat, and it makes for great TV.

Dancer Dita Von Teese.

Celebrities in Hell's Kitchen

Source: Allure

Kris Jenner ate at Hell's Kitchen in the same episode as burlesque legend Dita Von Teese. Von Teese is one of the best-known burlesque dancers in the world, if not the best-known. The fact that a burlesque star is on a cooking reality show is strange since burlesque is more of an alternative culture than a mainstream one. Many of the cooks were very taken with the beautiful and sultry performer.

Flo Rida

Celebrities in Hell's Kitchen

Source: Billboard

Jackie, one of the contestants, was clearly in a panic when the rapper came to visit. She said, "This is really some bull sh*t." "Got you, got you" was her answer to every question, and she was shaky on the floor the whole time Flo Rida was there. Kristen, another contestant, didn't like the way Jackie talked to her: "Got you bro is not an order! " That's what she said about Jackie's ability to lead. Don't worry about Flo Rida, though, because the chicken he ordered was more than enough for him.

Adam Devine

Celebrities in Hell's Kitchen

Source: Variety

In the last ten years, Adam Devine has gone from being a Comedy Central star to being one of the most in-demand actors. In 2015, the star of Righteous Gemstones stopped by Gordon Ramsey's house. At the time, his fame was on the rise thanks to Workaholics and his role in the Pitch Perfect movies. Devine was a very polite guest who made sure everyone at his table showed the chef the respect he deserved.

Jeff Dunham 

Jeff Dunham, a well-known ventriloquist, was at a different level. It's not strange for a well-known comedian to eat at Gordan Ramsey's restaurant, but it is strange for that comedian to eat with dolls at the table. Dunham is very set in his ways, so he invited his friend Walter, who is known for being grumpy, to dinner with him. Dunham was a very nice diner, but Walter was impatient with the waiter, who laughed at all of Walter's jokes.

Lil Jon

Celebrities in Hell's Kitchen

Source: HGTV

In one of the most famous moments of the show, Jared was asked to make Carbonara for the table, but he ignored the other contestants' requests and added too much salt. Gordon Ramsey was not happy about that, because food that doesn't meet his high standards never makes him happy. "It tasted like seawater," said Manda, who was in charge of the fish station that day.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Celebrities in Hell's Kitchen

Source: Page Six

The cooks on Hell's Kitchen have served American heroes as well as rappers, reality stars, comedians, actors, and other famous people. One of the most surprising things that happened on the show was when astronaut Buzz Aldrin stopped by to eat, but contestant Meese did not treat him with the right amount of respect. "Who is Buzz Aldrin? What is this story about toys? " Those were exactly her words. If you want to make a meal for one of the first people to walk on the moon, you might not want to think that way.

Kris Jenner

Celebrities in Hell's Kitchen

Source: People

Kris Jenner, the mother of the Kardashians and Jenners, stopped by this reality show for a quick bite during the 2020 season. In the kitchen, service slowed down a bit when Ramsey found that one of the boiling pots was not only cold but also that the gas had been turned off on the hob. Ariel did not like what her fellow cooks did about that. Manda, who was in charge of appetizers for the red team that night, said she was "captivated" by Kris Jenner's smile. The food seemed to make Jenner happy, so she got to see that smile even more.

Paris Hilton

Celebrities in Hell's Kitchen

Source: Times of India

On the same night that Paris Hilton ate at Hell's Kitchen, a table of Marines also stopped by. Even though the famous heiress was one of Ramsey's most important customers, he cared more about giving good service to the Marines to show that he respected soldiers. Footage showed that Hilton liked the food, but Ramsey is said to have stormed out of the restaurant that night because taping that day was so hard and service was so slow. It's clear that Hilton's being there and Ramsey storming out have nothing to do with each other. It was just a coincidence.

Comedian Bill Engvall

Celebrities in Hell's Kitchen

Source: OnMilwaukee

Bill Engvall, a comedian who became famous because of Jeff Foxworthy's Blue Collar Comedy Tour, ate there that night. He wasn't the only famous person to do so. Engvall put in an order for scallops. Lainie Kazan, an actress who won a Tony Award, was also at the diner that night.

Marvel’s Stan Lee

The famous people who go to Hell's Kitchen are more different than you might think. Stan Lee, who created Marvel Comics, was one of the most excited people to eat on the show. Since many of the cooks also said in their confessionals that they were huge comic book fans, it seemed like the comic book legend was more interesting to diners than some of the other people who ate at Hell's Kitchen.

Gene Simmons

Legendary singer Gene Simmons appeared in Hell's Kitchen too, he was in Season 21, Episode 8 which aired on February 13, 2023. During the episode, he dined and had chicken wings in the Blue Kitchen alongside other guests while the Red and Blue teams competed in a dinner service. He even participated in a fun challenge where the chefs had to create dishes inspired by KISS songs.

There you have 11 popular celebrities who appeared at Hell’s Kitchen season 21.  But, wait who is your favorite guest star on Hell’s Kitchen? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How to be a guest in Hell's Kitchen?

It’s not an easy thing to be a guest in Hell’s Kitchen. There’s no website from the show to book a reservation, there's no simple email you can send, and there's no quick phone call you can make. But, getting your name registered with the casting agency is the best way to be a guest in Hell’s Kitchen. The show occasionally invited a few guests to dine during service. While not officially announced, some suggest contacting the show directly, so you can also try to reach out to the casting agency directly by following social media channels. 

Q. Is Hell's Kitchen still open?

Yes, the TV show Hell's Kitchen is still very much alive and kicking! Season 23 is currently in production, set to premiere in 2024. But, unfortunately, the original Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas which was featured in  

the early seasons of the TV show, permanently closed in 2015.

Q. Why did Hell's Kitchen stop?

As of January 2024, Hell’s Kitchen is not canceled or stopped, currently, Season 23 is in production. It's set to premiere in 2024, proving the show is very much alive and kicking.

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