Publication date April 25, 2023

Going on a Date With Yourself? Here Are Some Dos and Don'ts of Dining Solo

Eating out alone is an act of self-care. However, it's understandable if you're reluctant to wear a new dress just to walk into a restaurant without a date.

Dining solo is less common than going on a romantic date with a partner or a night out with friends. But sometimes, a night out could be all you need to destress and have some alone time for self-reflection. And if you're new to this, don't be scared; we've got you. Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind while engaging in this act of self-love.

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7 Dos of Dining Alone

Below are some things that will make your experience on a solo date even better:

Research the Restaurant

Dining alone can be dicey, especially when you are not used to it. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, take time to get some information on your restaurant choice. Check out reviews available online on the restaurant's service quality and hospitality. You should also do a precheck of the restaurant's menu so you won't be overwhelmed when you arrive there.

Dress Comfortably

Just because you are eating out alone doesn't mean you shouldn't put your best into your outfit. It's a date with yourself, so wear clothes you would put on if you were going out with someone else. Ensure your outfit suits and flatters your body type while making you feel comfortable. More importantly, feel free to play with colors.

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Select a Sitting Position With a Nice View

On your solo date, you are your own company. You don’t have someone to talk with, so you can replace that with a beautiful view. Window seats with water views are an exquisite option. If you're more of an introvert and aren't open to encouraging conversations with strangers, it's better to reserve a table just for yourself.

Go out of Your Comfort Zone With the Meals 

The fun part of solo dining is trying out new meals. So, on your solo date, feel free to play around with the food options. You may be positively shocked at how you'd love that meal you've been ignoring. You may even be getting a new favorite meal. You can ask the server attending to you to recommend their highly-rated meals.

Romanticize the Moment 

From selecting outfits to makeup, hair, and shoes, you should enjoy the process. Although you are dining solo, you are still out on a date. As an act of self-love and respect, give it your best to make the moment memorable for yourself. You may as well enjoy the moments that lead up to it.

Prioritize Your Safety

Safety is of utmost importance. Dining solo means you are alone and solely responsible for your safety. Communicate and share your location with friends before heading out. If you don't have a car, order a ride from a trusted and certified transport company. Avoid taking rides home from strangers regardless of whether or not they look harmless.

Respect Your Alcohol Limit

While eating out alone, you want a memorable experience, not a chaotic one. Consuming excess alcohol can easily ruin your entire experience if you get tipsy or drunk. Besides, you don't want to ridicule or embarrass yourself when you're intoxicated. So, always remember that solo dates are not for you to get drunk.

6 Don’ts of Dining Solo

Below are some things you should avoid doing while on your solo date so you can have a splendid experience.

Don’t Be Shy To Take Pictures and Create Content on Your Phone

Dining solo is an opportunity to create memories while spending time by yourself. So, romanticize the moment, take pictures, and create fun memories. Take as many pictures as you would if you were on a date with someone. You can set up a tripod and set a timer to do this. You're the star of your show.

Don’t Be Anxious About People Watching You

Your main aim is to enjoy some time off on your own, but it's possible to have others dining in the restaurant staring in your direction. Ignore them. In reality, people are focused on their own meals and dates, not you. Choose a seat in a corner if you find strange glares disturbing.

Don’t Be Afraid To Decline Offers

When dining alone, you should be assertive. You may get requests and offers from other diners to share a table. If you are uncomfortable sharing a table with others, do not be scared to decline such offers. Remember, you are there to spend time with yourself and reflect. It's okay to be selfish with your personal space.

Don’t Be out too Late

On your night out, do not get carried away with the ambiance. If you have a curfew, go home in time to meet it. However, if you change your mind and decide to extend your time out, take safety precautions such as communicating with your family and friends. Preferably, invite at least a friend out if you choose to go clubbing. It's not advisable to stay out late with strangers.

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Don’t Forget To Take Props

To avoid awkward eye contact with others in the restaurant and make your experience more enjoyable, you can keep yourself busy by taking some props. You can take a physical book, kindle, or any item that will help you have a more relaxed and personalized experience at the restaurant. However, try as much as possible to minimize the time spent on your phone.

Don’t Be Scared To Ask for Help

It's alright to ask for help whenever you need it. For instance, if you're confused about what to order from the menu, you can ask the server to suggest something. Also, feel free to ask others politely to take pictures and videos of you. However, avoid approaching random diners to take your pictures, as it might come off as rude regardless of your intention. Instead, ask a friendly-looking and less busy waiter or attendant to do the honors. More often than not, they are usually excited to help.

The bottom line is that when dining alone, your goal is to have the best experience you can get. It's not difficult to have a fantastic time if you treat it like an actual date and keep to the dos and don'ts highlighted above. In the long run, your self-confidence and self-love will increase when you become comfortable taking yourself out.

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