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Help your kids learn with these cool math games

Kids all over the world are afraid of math at the mere mention of the word. For thousands of people, just thinking about helping their kids with their homework can make them break out in cold sweats and run for the nearest calculator.

But can learning math be fun? The answer to that is a big YES!

There are apps for phones and console games that can help adults learn math. The long-term solution, though, is to get kids interested in math at a young age, using tools, cool math games, and apps that make learning math fun instead of hard. So, here are the best cool math games for kids, which will help both parents and kids.

BBC School Radio 

Math games

Source: BBC

The BBC has always made a wide range of high-quality learning materials for adults and children on a wide range of topics. And its services for learning a new language are especially well-known. The BBC School Radio series talks about most of the things kids learn in elementary school, including math.

There are five fun math games for kids: "Counting Songs" for kids ages 3 to 5, "Numbertime" for kids ages 5 to 7, "Megamaths" for kids ages 7 to 9, "Math Challenge" for kids ages 9 to 11, "Math Challenge 1" for kids ages 9 to 11, and "Math Challenge 2" for kids ages 9 to 11. (ages 9-11). Instead of long, boring lectures, each series focuses on getting people involved and building their confidence. As children get better, they are given small rewards and lots of praise.

Grand Prix Multiplication

Math games

Source: Arcademics

Grand Prix Multiplication is just one of many fun math games that you can play on Math Playground.

Math Playground has games in six different categories: Add and Subtract, Multiply and Divide, Fractions, Shapes and Graphs, Pre-Algebra, and Money and Time. All of the games are very interactive and let you play against other people in some way. Each game has a leaderboard if your kids like to feel like they've done well.

Prodigy Math

Math games

Source: Google Play

Prodigy Math is a site for kids in first through eighth grade that has math games and other content that match their school's curriculum.

Both students and parents can make accounts for free. A free account lets you, as a parent, see how many questions your child has answered, what grade level they are at, and where they need to improve. You can also set learning goals and give rewards, as well as look at a variety of reports and data about how well the students are doing.

Underwater Counting

Math games

Source: Twitter

This game, which can be played on a tablet, is as easy as it sounds. It is a way for very young children to get used to using the numbers 1-10. It has two levels of difficulty that can be used to match the game to the child's skill level. It is meant to help kids learn to recognize and use numbers correctly.

The game is based on a treasure hunt, and as the kids answer questions correctly, a scuba diver on the screen gets closer to finding the gold. For the game to be over, children must answer 10 questions correctly.

One Step Equation

Algebra might be a child's biggest math fear, but this basketball-themed game is meant to make it more fun than just staring at a chalkboard all day.

The player has to answer an algebra question, which gives them a chance to make a basket. To catch the moving basketball, you have to click on it, and if you do, your player will dunk it. As the game goes on, the questions get more difficult.

One Step Equation can be played by two people at once, so your kids can play against each other or you can join in to remember some formulas you've forgotten.


Math games

Source: Cool Math Games

On the Coolmath Games site, Mathventure is one of many fun math games for kids. In this particular game, you move around a huge math universe by solving equations.

If you look around the site a bit more, you'll find a lot of games that cover everything from basic math to Sudoku. Strategy, Skill, Number, and Trivia are different types of games.

Number conundrum decimals

Math games

Source: Math Playground

Number Conundrum Decimals is another game from Math Playground. Players must use fractions and decimals to build a tower of answers. The answer for each block is the sum of the two numbers below it. The player gets better at adding and taking away fractions and working with different numerators and denominators as they play the game.

Again, as players move up through the levels, the game gets harder.

Math Games

math games


Math Games has a lot of fun math puzzles for kids in preschool through eighth grade. There are more than 1,000 games on the platform as a whole. Unlike many of these cool math games, you can look for games by how good you are at math. There is a list of more than 20 skills, such as geometry, ratios, estimating, money, and more.

Some of the games can only be played if you have a paid membership. 3D shapes Ice cream Attack 3D Shapers Ice Cream Attack is a geometry game that teaches kids to recognize 3D shapes and keep their ice cream from melting when the sun comes out.

It's part of the platform for games on It has fun math games for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. All of the games come with lesson plans that help you get more out of the interactive learning.

3D Shapes Icecream attack

Math games


3D Shapes Ice Cream Attack is a geometry game that teaches kids to recognize 3D shapes and keep their ice cream from melting when the sun comes out. It has fun math games for kids in pre-school through the fifth grade. All of the games come with lesson plans that help you make the learning even more interactive.

Khan Academy Kids

Math games

Source: YouTube

Khan Academy Kids is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play, the Apple App Store, and the Amazon Appstore.

The program covers more than just math. It was made to help kids learn to read, write, speak, and do math at a young age while also encouraging creativity and building social skills. It also has a lot of tools for teachers and parents that let them keep track of how a child is doing.

Around the Block

Around the Block is another one of the fun math games for middle schoolers. Students can play this game as a minds-on activity, using only a ball to practice almost any math skill. 

The game is best for practicing quick recall of math facts in a group setting. First, simply put together a list of questions related to a skill. Second, have students stand in a circle, and now, give one student the ball and read aloud a question from your list.

Students must pass the ball clockwise around the circle, and the one who started with it must answer the question before receiving it again. If the student answers incorrectly, you can pass the ball to a classmate for the next question. If the student answers correctly, he or she chooses the next contestant. 

 Math Facts Bingo

 Math Facts Bingo

Source: Brookes Blog

When looking for a game to play at school, Math Facts Bingo can be a great option. This game can be a fun and engaging practice of multiplication tables. To begin, first, create bingo cards that have answers to different multiplication tables and now hand them out to students and make sure they have a separate sheet for calculations. Lastly, instead of calling numbers, state equations such as 8 × 7. After determining the answer is 56, they can check off the number if it’s on their cards.

Math Baseball

Math baseball might seem like a math game for middle schoolers, but it’ll be a good option as a math game for high schoolers. The game is best for team-based competitive practice of math problems. To play this game first divide your class into two teams, now one team will start at bat, scoring runs by choosing questions worth one, two, or three bases.

Ask someone, for example, your math teacher to pitch the questions, which range in difficulty depending on how many bases they’re worth. If a team answers incorrectly, another team can respond correctly to earn an out. After three outs, switch sides and play until one team hits 10 runs.

101 and Out

101 and Out

Source: YouTube

This one is the last spot in our list of cool math games, 101 and Out is the ideal game for 2nd to 6th grade. When your math teacher has some extra time in their math classroom period, play a few rounds of 101 and Out as a fun way to end the math class. 

As the name of the game suggests, the goal is to score as close to 101 points as possible without going over. First, divide our class in half, giving each group a die along with paper and a pencil. Now each group takes turns rolling the dice, strategizing to count the number at face value or multiply it by 10. 

For instance, students who roll a six can keep that number or turn it into 60. When you play this game, you realize that the game quickly grows competitive, which will boost the excitement level in your math class.

If your family likes puzzle games, pick this one up for the family game night.

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