Publication date May 29, 2023

Here’s How To Make Your Best First Impression On A Date.

Remember those days when you longed to ask out your high-school crush for a first date? Congratulations! You’ve worked all the way up by finally mustering the confidence and deciding to turn your dream into reality. That’s a big first step. But how do you really leverage it and ask her out? 

Here’s How To Make Your Best First Impression On A Date.

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We know asking a woman out can be an overwhelming feeling, with your stomach almost falling off your butt. But fear not. Here are some expert-approved tips to get you through the process like a true-blue genius. Oh, and we promise; she will say YES!

1. Before We Get Into Gear

Remember that there is a chance she might reject you. It is NORMAL. Yes, we did say she would say YES, and we stand on that. But being prepared to face rejection is cardinal to your first date because that screams respect.

Almost every guide you come across will teach you how to make a girl say YES or compel her to say YES with your oh-so-cheesy actions. But helping you value the art of rejection is even more important because that teaches you to respect someone’s decisions, irrespective of everything. 

Over the years, we’ve had the honor of helping so many men through their phases of rejection. While some called themselves a loser, others thought they weren’t good-looking enough for a date. But rejection often has very little to do with these superficialities. Instead of sweating the small stuff, gear up for more bumpy rides. Rides where with every rejection, you will surely get closer to a bigger YES. 

2. Just Ask Her Out

No amount of planning or plotting has ever worked when it comes to asking women out for a first date. That’s what confident guys do. In fact, this is a major attribute of an Alpha-male who isn’t afraid of what he wants.

You could be the most adorable man under the sun, but the more you wait to ask her out, the more it frustrates her. Yes, women, too, appreciate smooth talk once they’ve gotten comfortable enough to indulge in one. 

Don’t complicate the date by booking a date or time to do this. Just ask her out whenever you both are having a smooth-sailing conversation next time. But avoid doing this during a hasty conversation. Keep it subtle yet very respectful. 

3. Do It The Unconventional Way

Proposals come to women just as frequently as Messi makes a goal. So, it's no surprise for us to land up in a movie theater or a fancy restaurant for dinner. While we appreciate such gestures, here’s the thing- 

We have to go the extra mile way more than you for our first dates. Picking out the perfect outfit, shoes to go with our dresses. There is such a long list of efforts that go into looking gorgeous to feel confident and special on our first dates with you. While this can be so much fun, it can also be exhausting after a point. That is why most women prefer a more comfortable approach to a first date. 

Take her for a walk. Go cycling together into the suburbs. Visit a cute bakery together where you can indulge in enough conversations without feeling conscious. We promise; this could be a great getaway from the classic dates we often get invited to. 

4. Give Her A Date To Remember

Gestures are sweet. Flowers, chocolates, long drives, we love it too. It does make us feel warm, special, and attended to. But is that what a memorable date truly looks like?

Truly speaking, we love a man who can make us laugh. Just sit somewhere very peaceful and get to know each other. Indulge in a soulful conversation where the two of you can just get to know each other better and bond. 

Such a date will not only make her feel at peace but also give her a date to remember.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself 

We know many guy friends advise each other to act a bit more macho and cool. While all that is nice, we appreciate men who can truly just be themselves. A man who is unafraid to be raw and unfazed is our personal favorite. 

Wear what you want to. Don’t bother tucking the shirt in or having the sleeves rolled down (if you don’t want to.) We love men with their shirt sleeves rolled up, btw.

The Bottom Line

So gone are those times when men had to drive their car to pick their date up with a bunch of Roses and a bouquet of chocolates to make her happy. Women are far more wise now to understand what an honest first date should look like. 

While we’d love a man to go all out for us, we also want him to be comfortable with that. Remember, it’s not just her first date; it’s yours too. 

Don’t forget to make both of yourselves happy. As long as you feel like a ten and do what you love, all is well. 

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