Publication date December 12, 2022

Here's why you should toss your lip gloss aside and join team lip oil?

Social media keeps introducing us to newer and better skincare products. There have been so many products that I use today daily that I found out through social media. And influencers today keep trying out new things and sharing with their followers. Why social media is successful in pushing new products because many experts give us the entire story behind the product and show us the pros and cons of products. And the recent buzz is all about lip oils. Many experts online have come forward and pointed out why we should choose lip oils over lip gloss.

Choose lip oil over lip gloss

Source: StyleCaster

Lip oils have an upper hand on lip glosses as they give you that glossy lips that you want and they will help in maintaining healthy lips. So let us know why you should switch to lip oils from lip glosses, and why lip oils are gaining so much popularity amongst gen Z.

One of the main reasons why lip oils are gaining so much popularity is they just don’t give you that shiny look, they do a lot more. Many makeup enthusiasts have even said that lip oils are a must-have product for everyone, that’s a bold statement to make about any product. But many experts explained when it comes to lip oils, the statement can be backed up as lip oils doubles as a skincare routine. Lip oils will nourish and soothe your skin while keeping them plump and soft. 

You must be thinking about why lip oils are so good for the skin. The answer lies in the ingredients used in lip oils. Generally, lip oils have a high concentration of oils from rosehip, almond, coconut, and jojoba. All of these are hydrating oils and will help you keep your skin hydrated. While keeping your lips hydrated lip oils will also help you to protect your lips from the harsh sun when you are out and about. And if you want to use them on their own without lipstick you can do that also as lip oils are available in different tints. 

While you can use lip gloss only in your makeup routine lip oils can be used in both makeup and skincare routines. Because lip oils are enriched with ingredients that help you keep your skin hydrated so your lips look plumper and get the nourishment they need. If your lips are very chapped and dry which is causing you irritation then you can use lip oils for soothing your lips. Lip oils also help you retain your natural pink color. And if you are going to a party then you can use your favorite lip oil for a shiny and glossy look. 

Not just gloss, lip oils have an upper hand on lip balms and lip butter. Your lip balm or butter will not give you the shiny look that lip oil will give you. In other words, lip oils are more versatile than any other skin care product available for your lips. And like the other products that tend to give temporary relief, lip oils will give you long-term hydration. So, all things considered, don't you think switching to lip oil will be more beneficial in the long run?

So what is your favorite lip-care product? Have you ever used lip oils? If yes then tell us your experience with them in the comments below.

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