Publication date October 26, 2023

How to Take Selfies That You'll Actually Love

Have you ever wondered how those Instagram influencers take perfect selfies that pop up in your feed? Sure, there is an art to taking attention-capturing woman selfies, but when it comes down to it, all you really need are a few easy camera tips and a great pose. 

Woman Selfie

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And for that, I have compiled a list of a few easy yet effective tips. Whether you are taking a selfie for a profile pic, taking a cute photo to send your crush, taking it to post on social media, or anything in between. 

Read till the end, to discover the best ideas to level up your selfie game with a few simple tips on camera hacks, good selfie poses, and more. 

Tilt a Little 

When it comes to taking a perfect selfie, the angle plays one of the most important roles. There are many good angles for selfies. You can angle your phone slightly, down, up, or to the side or you can also keep the phone still by slightly tilting your head.  

tilting both your phone and your head for selfie

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Also, you can try tilting both your phone and your head.  You may feel that you will look rather silly for a few seconds until you nail down your own winning combo of your phone, head, and tilt. 

Whatever you decide to do, taking a selfie straight on is probably not going to result in your perfect shot, and trust me it has nothing to do with your beautiful face. 

Selfie Eyes Matter

Today, even though a lot of communication happens via email and chats, we still look for that human connection in someone’s eyes. 

So the point is to take a selfie while focusing your eyes on the phone camera. Focus directly on the camera, not the phone area in general. 

If you have followed my above advice of keeping a perfect selfie angle, now need to freeze, concentrate, and gaze deep into the camera lens of your smartphone. 

There are my few friends when they take selfies, they pretend they are about to attract the lens with their eyes.  

You can also imagine a moment right before you are about to laugh. In both cases, you can soften your eyes and put some human emotions in your expression. 

Then your selfie will connect whoever is looking at you, to you, and it’s critical for taking a great selfie.

Lighting Matters Too

No matter whether you are taking taking selfie indoors or outdoors, You should stay away from harsh lighting, such as bright white kitchen lights or direct sunlight.  

But, also make sure that there is enough light, otherwise, your photos can come out blurry and no amount of photo editing later is going to be able to fix that. 

Lighting for good selfie

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The best time to take photos outside is when the sun is lower in the sky, before sunrise, and right after sunset.  That is just a basic but essential photography tip for you to take a selfie at the right time.

I know that no matter how eager you are to take selfies, you are not going to wake up before the sun. In that case, you can go right after sunset. 

Smile Normal

It is not easy to master a natural smile for perfect woman selfies.  

But unnatural smiles are robotic, not authentic, and sometimes well, creepy. Since this is not intuitive for everybody, you may need to practice smiling naturally. 

Take a ton of selfies and practice until you find your most natural smile. You can purse your lips in different ways, open your mouth halfway, slightly turn up the corners of your lips, smile wide with all your teeth, or you can try a close-lipped smile. 

Which smile feels the most natural to you? 

A Good Background is Key 

For perfect woman selfies, you don’t need to have a full-on fashion runway in the background, however,  your background should be interesting enough.

Whether you are taking a selfie at the park, your home, or even the supermarket, try to do it against an interesting background. 

A good background for selfie

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Even a display of oranges at the store can look awesome with the right angle. 

In case you are not feeling creative at the moment, there are still plenty of options. There are many tools background editing tools that allow you to make changes in your photo.  

You can easily replace your boring background with any of the patterned, sparkly, or solid-colored options within the app, or choose your own photo.

By using these tools you can be in your bathroom, but looks like you're at the beach you visited last weekend.  

Be Confident

To capture perfect woman selfies, you don’t need to be a supermodel, all you need is a little bit of self-love. Just use your body language and a tone that expresses your inner strength.

Collect confidence before you take selfies. For that, you can do 10 jumping jacks before your selfie. As long as it won’t ruin your lovely hair, of course.

You can also say affirmations which may seem a little weird but it mostly works. Try saying something “I’m powerful and fearless, and I still can make mistakes”, and say it multiple times that you start to believe it. 

Know Your Good Sides 

You have already tried titling your camera, in the beginning, but what about your actual pose? There are many best poses for selfies but it gets easier when you know your good side.

Know your good side for selfie

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People mostly have a “good side”, a face side they prefer the most. Which one is yours? Maybe the right side of your face has more freckles that hint at your cheerful personality. 

Or maybe you don’t like your right side because the spot on your nose from falling off a skateboard in high school is more apparent. 

Choose your good side and try to selfie from that angle when taking perfect woman selfies.  Ultimately, it will save a lot of time and retakes,  if you are usually happier on certain sides of your face in the mirror, you will also be happier with it in photos. 

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