Publication date June 16, 2022

Into Paris Hilton’s Offbeat World of “Cooking With Paris”

When everyone got locked up due to the pandemic-induced lockdown, many celebrities discovered something astonishing in their homes, they discovered cooking. And what happened next was expected, each dish was methodically documented on Instagram, and celebrity cooking quickly became a viral internet trend during the lockdown life. And this trend did not go unnoticed by the TV executives desperate for the new viral program. And what followed was celebrities lining up for their slice of the pie, from Amy Schemer Learns to Cook to Selena + Chef.

Cooking with Paris Hilton

Source: Variety

And Paris Hilton was not going to stay back. But Paris Hilton started posting her culinary adventures on her YouTube channel before the pandemic hit. Her journey began with a 15-minute long video titled “Cooking With Paris”. The video featured her “famous” Lasagna. And don’t be confused, the lasagna is “famous” simply because she is famous. But her journey from YouTube videos has led to her own Netflix show “Cooking With Paris” which premiered on August 4, 2021. The heiress invites her many celebrity friends and Whipps up meals with them. But unlike a party in Ibiza, the kitchen is not her natural habitat. 

The show started with Paris Hilton saying “I love cooking, I’m not a trained chef and I don’t want to be”. Well, we all knew she was not a trained chef. The fact that she did not even want to wear an apron solidified the fact that she was miles apart from being a trained chef. And not wearing an apron became a running gag in the series. Rather in the six episodes of the series we have seen her cooking in high heels, designer frocks, and her infamous fingerless gloves. There were also rumors that her dry cleaning bill for the shoot was almost $2000. If you think cooking in designer frocks is a bit out there, we also got a lesson in how to make tacos while wearing a jacket with a huge fringe.

The show is surprising and to an extent confusing from time to time. While watching you will be left with a lot of questions, is this a sincere show or just a ridiculous act? Or is it because you are just sober while watching it? While watching you have to peel away the many layers this show will present to you.

Paris Hilton has tried to portray herself as a glamorous woman who is trying to expand her horizons beyond nachos and Jell-O shots but phrases like “what’s a blender?” seems fitting for a privileged girl in her 20s rather than a woman. The show had an assortment of “useful” cooking tips. Paris Hilton is a fan of the “almost gourmet” approach to cooking. One of her most “successful” recipes from the show is Mac n Cheese she makes from a Kraft box, then stirred in a large amount of mozzarella, parmesan, and cheddar. One of her tips for making a delicious Mac n Cheese is to put in “like literally every cheese you can imagine.” Also if you want similar success with dessert, you can make a Funfetti cake from a mix and top it with a layer of flan. This gem of a dessert recipe is also from Ms. Hilton. 

But don’t be mistaken, Paris Hilton is a lady with a plan. When we saw her plan of making pink, heart-shaped homemade ravioli with Demi Lovato did not go as planned. She had a box of fresh ravioli at the ready. Always have a plan B. Another awesome piece of advice coming out of Hilton's kitchen is “ Wear sunglasses when chopping onions so your eyes don’t burn, and to look hot.”

Presentation is important, and Paris Hilton knows it a little too well. That’s why Hilton’s kitchen is stocked with gold flakes, culinary glitter, a lot of toothpicks, and various toppers featuring many designer brands’ logos like Fendi and Chanel. I have not tested any of her food but It’s a lot of look for sure. And that means a heap of glitter dusting on the turkey. Yup! Dust your turkey with glitter.

Although Paris Hilton tried to increase eyeballs on her cooking show with gold dust and her celebrity friends, sadly the show received bad reviews and low viewership. And Netflix decided to cancel the show after the six-episode long season. So we might not be seeing Paris Hilton cooking on our laptop and tablet screens anytime soon.

But do let us know in the comment which Paris Hilton dish you would like to try! 

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