Publication date December 16, 2022

Is Christina Applegate's "Dead to Me" a love story in disguise?

Dark comedy or tragicomedy is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone can keep a dark comedy funny. It’s really easy to forget about the comedy bit and move only in the dark lane. But Netflix’s Dead to Me is the perfect example of what a good dark comedy should be, maybe a little too perfect of an example. Dead to Me follows Jen Hardings played by Christina Applegate and Judy Hale played by Linda Cardellini. Christina Applegate’s Jen Harding is a real estate agent who is dealing with losing her husband in a car accident while raising her two boys, and Linda Cardellini’s Judy Hale is a very loving and nurturing person. 

This series manages to be sick and twisted while being funny at the same time. Jen who is clearly going through a lot has developed a bit of an anger issue. To be honest, can you blame her? The lady lost her husband and now is a single mother of two children. To cope with her situation she joins a grief support group but has one of her rage episodes when the group talks about forgiveness. She does have a point, I mean how can you forgive someone who killed your husband? 

Dead to Me is a love story

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But this show is not about a grieving widow, it is far more twisted. As Jen later found out her husband was killed by the car that Judy and her ex-fiance Steve were in. If you are thinking about what happened to Steve, well he is also dead. But knowing the sad truth their friendship blows up. You think that's all and hold on to your seats. They became friends again after Jen shoots the real Steve. The series is a roller coaster ride of lies, crimes, cover-ups, and confessions. I was enjoying this crime-fueled dark comedy until the final season rolled in and I realized then that this was a love story all along. Why? Well, let’s dissect the third and final season then. But if you have not seen the final season then let me warn you, some major spoilers are coming up. So, if you do not want any spoilers then you should stop right here.

Dead to Me throughout its run has been filled with crime and packed with laughter but it's the final season that got to me. It was then that I understood that this was a love story I was watching. I’m not talking about a love story like “The Notebook” or “La La Land” but more about a metaphorical love story. Although I must agree the last scene of the series could nudge you towards the traditional love story. Even if not a happily ever after, the show has a very strong happy until the next time stuff goes south again. I say that because the final season saw Ben, the grieving twin of Steve. 

But if I summarize the final season it was all about Jen and Judy. And honestly, both Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate gave absolutely stunning performances and special props to Christina Applegate for returning after her MS diagnosis. It really shows how dedicated she is to her craft. Both Jen and Judy had very legitimate reasons to hate each other but it all culminates in tearful reconciliations. But what I loved the most is how both the ladies developed a mutual respect for one another. Also, it was just surreal how both ladies became each other’s rocks when they were not getting support from their parental figures or romantic partners.

I have never seen a show have such a perfect ending. The climax was exactly what I expected out of Dead to Me. But I am not going to spoil the very best scene of the show for you so I would request you to see it for yourself and you will also agree with me that Dead to Me is a love story. But if you have already seen the show then what do you think, is Dead to Me a dark comedy or a love story, comment down below.

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