Publication date January 18, 2024

Is Gordon Ramsay Burger Worth the Waitlist or Walkout? Here‘s What Customers Say

The fiery personality from shows like "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Hell's Kitchen" has extended his culinary empire to the world of gourmet burgers. But the question remains: does their Burgers live up to the hype? It all began in 2012 with the first restaurant opening its doors in Las Vegas. Since then, over 25 Gordon Ramsay Burger locations have sprouted up across the globe, suggesting a recipe that resonates with some diners.

While It's no secret Chef Ramsay knows his way around a kitchen, what about his foray into the world of burgers? If you're a fan Gordon fan or simply a burger enthusiast, you've likely wondered: are these burgers worth the wait (and the price tag)? We dug into a heaping plate of customer reviews to get the real picture from juicy praises to sizzling critiques. Buckle up, foodies, because we're about to serve up the unfiltered truth about Gordon Ramsay Burger.

But before that let’s have a look at what their official website promises: 

What is Gordon Ramsay Burger?

Gordon Ramsay Burger is the go-to destination for burger lovers and promises meticulously crafted burgers, butter-basted for extra richness. Located in bustling destinations like Las Vegas and beyond, these restaurants offer a premium dining experience, complete with gourmet fries, house-made sauces, and decadent milkshakes. 

gordon ramsay burger las vegas

Source: Time Out

As we already know the restaurants are led by the internationally renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay, known for his exacting standards and Michelin-starred accolades. He is also an international TV star, appearing in shows like Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, and Gordon Ramsay’s American Road Trip. Under his leadership, the restaurant promises quality in every bite. While the focus is undoubtedly on Gordon Ramsay's burger recipe, the restaurants also offer crinkle-cut fries, crispy onion rings, and fresh salads to ensure a well-rounded meal. 

But, if you plan to visit Ramsay Burger, keep in mind that their burgers come with a premium price tag. Ramsay's burgers don't come cheap, with most exceeding $15 and the overall bill potentially climbing higher with sides and drinks. Moreover, the wait times at popular locations can be significant, so you have to be extra patient. Overall, after looking at their website, it appears that Ramsay’s Burger restaurants offer a high-end burger experience with good quality and innovative flavors. 

How many Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurants are there?

As of January 2024, it appears that there are at least 28 Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurants that are officially listed. Where 12 restaurant locations are listed on the official  Gordon Ramsay Restaurants website including, across the United States, Canada, and Europe. These include cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Vancouver, Dubai, London, and Edinburgh.

Other 16 locations operated by franchise partners are listed on the website of GR Restaurants which is an authorized franchisee that focuses on the United States. These restaurants are mainly in the Midwest and Western US. Additionally, there might be temporary Ramsay Burger pop-up restaurants or kiosks operating in specific locations for a limited time.

Now that we have an overview of Gordon Ramsay Burger and what their restaurants promise, it becomes important to find out what their customers say about them. Keep reading to learn about a few real experiences of customers who actually tried burgers at Ramsay’s Burger. 

Is Gordon Ramsay Burger Worth the Hype?

Let's be honest, anyone with a burger-loving heart would be curious about Chef Ramsay's take on the classic. Nick Kindelsperger, a writer at the Chicago Tribune jumped at the chance to dine twice at Ramsay's Chicago location. Nick readily admits the name on the sign undoubtedly draws a crowd. But what about the burgers themselves? Having devoured countless Chicago burgers in the past five years, he has some strong criteria for a perfect patty: no frozen shortcuts, a soft yet sturdy bun, and toppings that play a supporting role, not overpower the star.

After reading their menu, he ordered the Forest Burger (£12), packed with Swiss cheese, mushrooms, a fried egg, and arugula, all drizzled with porcini aioli. Next up was the Hell's Kitchen Burger (£13.50), featuring mozzarella, roasted jalapeños, tomato, and avocado. He was impressed because the beef at Gordon Ramsay Burger is good. He says instead of an onslaught of grease, each bite displayed a deeply savory base that’s balanced by a slight mineral tang. 

The 7-ounce patties were made from a mix of chuck, brisket, and short rib, and while the kitchen declined to him where exactly the meat came from, he was assured it was from “some of the best farms out of the Midwest. He was also amazed to see Gordon Ramsay Burger’s unique cooking process. Nick shares that chefs basted the beef in butter while it was still on the grill, causing it to pick up captivating charred and smoky aromas. Of course, Ramsay wasn’t personally back there basting the beef with butter, but he’s hired a crew to replicate the process.

What do other Customers Say about Ramsay’s Burger?

A Medium writer Sage Pen also shared her Gordon Ramsay Burger Vancouver experience. She began saying like anyone else she was super hyped to eat at her all-time favorite chef’s restaurant. And when she saw that Gordon had just opened his place in Coquitlam, she couldn’t wait to check it out. 

Sage’s husband planned a surprise date there as an early anniversary treat, knowing how much Sage adored all this and is a big Gordon fan. The two had their table booked for 5:15 PM. She was clearly excited, having never been to his restaurant before, and she ensured she was suitable and hungry for the occasion. Sage and her husband arrived around 5:10 PM, which was pretty chill — not many people, just like we wanted.

She says in about five minutes, a server came by to check if the two ordered yet. They told the server that two were just settling in but ready to order. And then something strange happened, he said he was clocking out and would get someone else to help them. But, even over 20 minutes passed and no one came to take their order. Sage describes that because she didn’t have anything for Ramsay’s special dish her stomach was making all sorts of noises.

Sage says it was very disappointing to see all these servers and supervisors buzzing around, helping other tables, and somehow, they just seemed to turn invisible. Unfortunately, they ended up deciding to step out from the Gordon Ramsay Burger and thought that they would suggest some changes so their customers don’t experience what they did, but surprisingly no one cared about their feedback. She describes her experience in one line saying “It was a rollercoaster of feelings and ruined my day.”

These two experiences paint different pictures of Ramsay’s Burger restaurants, where one was impressed with the quality, cooking technique, and taste of their food, Sage’s experience, made me wonder do they treat people differently based on certain preferences. 

While reviews may vary, Gordon Ramsay Burger consistently garners both praise and critique for its high-end burger experience. Have you had a personal experience that challenged your expectations of a restaurant, good or bad? Drop a comment below!

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