Publication date November 30, 2023

Is Jennifer Lawrence a home wrecker disguised as an American sweetheart?

Jennifer Lawrence is a Hollywood A-lister and there is no doubt about it. She is 32 and already by 32 she has been part of multiple successful movie franchises. Not just a part of those franchises Jennifer Lawrance was at the forefront of multiple movie franchises. Back in 2015 and 2016 Jennifer Lawrence was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. She has also won an Oscar and has been nominated multiple times. She has also been on the cover of Vogue magazine. It was not just any edition of Vogue magazine, Jennifer Lawrence graced the cover of the 125th issue of Vogue.  

Jennifer Lawrence is a Hollywood star but there are rumors in the air that Jennifer Lawrence is also a home wrecker. Now is there any truth to it? And Jennifer Lawrence has been labeled that on multiple occasions. So let us look at some instances and hear the opinions of the public court and see if Jennifer Lawrence is truly a home wrecker. 

One of the public allegations of home wrecking Jennifer Lawrence received when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separated. Chris Pratt announced his separation with a Facebook post that said “Anna and I are sad to announce we are legally separating. We tried for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. It was a shocker for the entire world and the fans could not believe the perfect couple was separating. Their fans started speculating why Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separated. To be honest I don’t know how the fans were speculating as none of them knew Chris Pratt or Anna Faris personally. 

After much thought, the fans reached a decision that the couple separated because of a third person and that the third person was none other than Jennifer Lawrence. But was it really the case? Even if this was just a rumor, how did it start? It all began with the movie Passengers as both Chris and Jennifer were a part of the film. And also for the promotion of the said film both of them attended a lot of interviews and talk shows. Fans deduced that Jennifer Lawrence was the reason behind Chris Pratt’s divorce based on how he looked at her. That does seem a bit far-fetched if you ask me. And Jennifer Lawrence has publicly denied rumors of an affair with her co-star.

Anna Farris revealed that she felt insecure when cheating rumours spread. But she felt that Jennifer lawrance hadn't done anything wrong. She was separated from Chrish after eight years of marriage and finalised divorce in 2018.

Huger game actress shrugged of the rumours and stated “I never had an affair with Chris Pratt on Passengers. That’s a good one. I mean they got a divorce like two years later and everybody was like, ‘Jennifer Lawrence!’ And I was like, ‘What the…what I’m in Montreal two years later.'”

But Chris Pratt is not the co-star of Jennifer Lawrence who got a divorce. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus also separated after being in an on-off relationship that lasted over a decade. Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence both starred in The Hunger Games. The duo did share a kiss on screen but what about when the cameras were not rolling? While on a late-night talk show, Jennifer Lawrance admitted to kissing Liam Hemsworth when the cameras were not rolling. Was Liam with Miley Cyrus at that time or was he separated? That only they know but what if things got spicy with Chris Pratt while shooting and that’s why his marriage broke off? I know she denied an affair publicly but what if it was just a lie? 

After Mylie Cyrus dropped her breakup anthem ‘Flowers’ the fans speculated one more thing. Miley Cyrus might have sneak dissed Jennifer Lawrence in her music video. The whole conspiracy theory began with a picture of Jennifer Lawrence with Liam Hemsworth and she was wearing a golden dress. Also in the music video for ‘Flowers’ Mylie Cyrus was seen wearing a golden dress as the video started. So was it a clap back at Jennifer Lawrence? 

Things are definitely not going great for Jennifer Lawrence in the court of public opinion but what do you think is Jennifer Lawrence a sweetheart or a home-wrecker in disguise, comment down below.

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