Publication date January 9, 2023

Is Kanye West really missing or is it just a hoax?

Nowadays it feels like it’s impossible to keep Kanye West off the headlines. The rapper is always in the news recently but for all the wrong reasons. Recently the news broke that Kanye West was missing. It’s very serious, I mean he is a father so I can feel his family would be in distress but was the rapper really missing? The news broke to the public after his 45-year-old ex-business manager reported that he was unable to find Kanye West. 

Kanye West missing

Source: Capital XTRA

This news took the internet by storm and why wouldn’t it. It was Kanye West who was missing and one publication said Kanye West was missing for weeks. The tweet went viral instantly and the tweet got over 8 million views just within a few hours. Kanye West had his concerned fans pouring in tweets. One Ye fan tweeted “Is Kanye really missing??? If this is true we need to find him.” While another fan tweeted “Kanye West has gone missing?! I just hope he’s okay and in a safe space”. These tweets prove one thing even when Kanye West is making headlines for the wrong reasons he still has fans that love and adore him and pray for his safety.

But the story doesn't have a tragic ending as fans finally spotted Ye at a church and even managed to take a picture which is now circulating on the Internet. The rapper was spotted wearing a green bomber jacket, jeans, and a camo baseball cap. Sources suggest he was attending the church service. Don’t get me wrong I am glad he is okay but I have only one doubt in my mind. If Kanye West knew there was fake news going around that he is missing and his fans were genuinely concerned about his safety then why didn’t he come out and tell people the truth?  

Fans of the rapper came forward and accused his former business manager of spreading fake news about Kanye West’s whereabouts. His former business manager tried to sue the rapper for breach of contract and he claims the rapper disappeared around the same time. Thomas St. John who is now Kanye’s ex-business manager claims the rapper agreed to pay a monthly retainer of $300,000 but the payments stopped after the duo had an aggressive altercation. To be more specific the lawsuit was all about having the assurance that Kanye West would not abandon the business relationship. Going further in the lawsuit St. John further mentioned there was a risk of being in a business relationship with Kanye West. I guess Thomas St. John was right on this front.

If you ask me I wouldn’t have dismissed St. John’s claims that easily. I know Kanye West’s fans are accusing St. John is spreading fake news but what did he gain from all this? Even if St. John spread it. Kanye could have come forward and told us he was okay and not missing. But Kanye did not clear the air and the netizens found out he was not missing after someone spotted him in the church and managed to click a picture. So was St. John really responsible or was it Kanye West who kept this rumor alive? Comment down below what you think really happened.

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