Publication date November 25, 2022

Is there any friendship more wholesome than Taylor Swift and Blake Lively's?

George Mann said it right, “time is a cruel mistress”. Over time we have lost many friends. But there is one celebrity friendship that just got better with time. Taylor Swift and Blake Lively met back in 2015. But the first step of their friendship kinda started with a misunderstanding. Well, it was not that big of a deal but what happened was Blake Lively shared a picture from the Loreal campaign and in the caption mentioned Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video. The caption also had #AlsoTurnsOutLegendIsntCoveringBadBlood in it. So many fans thought Blake Lively was taking digs at Taylor Swift. But Blake Lively was quick to clear the air and told everyone she is a huge fan of Taylor swift. The duo later met in Australia and the rest as they say is history. So let us dive into their history and see some of the sweet moments that they shared together. 

The 4th of July bash

After their friendship began in 2015 both Swift and Lively got close very fast. Taylor Swift also invited Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to her annual Fourth of July Bash in 2016. And one picture that really immortalized their 2016 4th of July celebration is the cute couple picture. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively snapped with Taylor Swift and her then-boyfriend Tom Hiddlestone in the same frame.


Taylor Swift Reputation

Source: Spotify

In 2017 Taylor Swift released her album “Reputation”. But what was exciting was a voice featured at the beginning of “Gorgeous” was Lively’s. Lively was not featured alone; she had her daughter James to accompany her. In 2018 Taylor Swift was on a “Reputation” tour and fans noticed something very wholesome in the crowd. It was Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were very excitedly filming Taylor Swift’s performance.

Costumes on!

Fast forward to 2019, Taylor Swift hosted a fun costume party where all the guests along with the host dressed up as their childhood heroes. Taylor Swift posted a picture on Instagram where we could see Swift dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid and she was posing with Blake Lively who was dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

The big 30!

Taylor Swift 30th birthday

Source: TMZ

In December 2019 Taylor Swift turned 30. It’s obviously a big one and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were there for her at the singer’s 30th birthday party. Taylor Swift shared a picture on Instagram where we could see the couple sharing a kiss. They are just adorable.

Another album!

Taylor Swift Folklore

Source: The Guardian

Reputation was not the end, Taylor Swift featured Lively and Reynolds’s kids in her album “Folklore”. But this time Swift did not feature their voices, rather she name-dropped their daughters James, Inez, and Betty in the song “Betty”. Frankly, I think it was really cool of her to do so. Taylor Swift went on to win the Album of the year at the Grammys she brought up Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in her thank you speech.

SNL it is!

Taylor Swift appeared on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest and guess who was there for the taping. Yes, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively showed their support by being there when the episode was being shot. Geez, talk about having supportive friends. 

The debut

After her performance at Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift announced that the music video for “I Bet You Think About Me” will be dropping soon, and guess who will be the director of the music video. If you are thinking of Blake Lively then you are absolutely right. Blake Lively made her directorial debut with this music video.

The nomination

Lively directed Taylor Swift's music video was nominated for the ACM Awards. That surely called for a celebration. Taylor Swift later took to social media to congratulate everyone who was a part of the video and gave a special shoutout to Blake Lively. Lively was an integral part of the “I Bet You Think About Me” music video. The actress was not only the director of the music video, but she was also the co-producer of the music video. 

Shoutouts are one of the most common things friends do in this age of social media but Lively and Swift don’t just give shoutouts they are there for each other. Be it the singer’s short film screening or the taping of Saturday Night Live. This is what makes their relationship so much special. Both of them have publicly shared affection for each other. Taylor Swift also mentioned Blake in her thank you speech after she won “Favorite Pop Album” at the AMAs. One of my friends would do that for me.

Do you know any other celebrity friendships so wholesome? Comment down below.

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