Publication date April 28, 2023

It's true! Kim Kardashian might be going offscreen forever!

Everyone wants fame but fame is not for everyone. Living your life in the limelight is not for everyone. But some celebrities have mastered this art form and Kim Kardashian might just be on the top of the list. Kim Kardashian found her stardom through her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And ever since she found her fame she has managed to stay in the headlines. Well, let’s be honest Kim Kardashian has not really made the headlines for the right kind of reasons. The Kardashians have seen their fair share of controversies and that might be the reason why Kim Kardashian is ok living her life out of the limelight.

Yes, you read it right. Kim Kardashian might be going offscreen. And if you are one of those who never hopped on the Kim K bandwagon then this news might be great. And no this is not just a baseless rumor. Kim Kardashian herself said she is ok putting her career as a lawyer at the forefront while taking a step back from reality television. While speaking at the TIME100 Summit the 42-year-old reality star very candidly talked about her wanting to invest her future in the criminal justice reform movement. 

I know a lot of people consider themselves to have no talent and think Kim Kardashian became famous only because of her controversies but the reality is totally different. She is a successful reality star and renowned in the fashion world. Not to mention Kim K is a successful businesswoman. All of this is not just a fluke. Kim K knows what she wants and always finds a way to get it and I’m not too surprised Kim decided to become a full-time lawyer. After all, it’s in her blood.

If you didn’t know then let me tell you that Kim Kardashian’s father was a renowned lawyer. Yes, the late Robert Kardashian was a legal eagle himself. He was famous for getting O.J. Simpson acquitted in the 1995 murder trial of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. But it may not be totally her father who convinced Kim to pursue the field of law. Kim herself mentioned that she was greatly inspired while working in the field of prison and criminal justice reform. 

The reality star after being inspired announced she will be pursuing law back in 2019. As she was pursuing her studies independently she had to pass the first-year law students’ exam. This is a requirement for everyone who wants to pursue a career in the field of law and who wants to pursue their studies independently. The exam is also commonly known as the “baby bar”. Kim Kardashian took four tries at cracking the “baby bar” and finally passed the exam in December 2021 on her fourth try.

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