Publication date May 29, 2023

Looking To Get Married? Here Are Signs That Prove You Are Ready.

You could be dating your high-school sweetheart or your office colleague. You may think that time matters when you want to get married. Some people even believe that if they have dated each other for enough years, getting married right away seems inevitable. But does spending enough years with your partner really speak for whether the time is right for marriage? Obviously NOT.

In my experience, I have known couples who were lovebirds for six long years and suddenly chose to decide they weren’t the ones for each other. And BAM! They broke up right before six months to go for their big day.

Expert-Approved Signs To Tie The Knot Now!

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Here’s how to know if it’s the right time for you to be married to your special someone. 

1. You Are Ready For Marriage 

We all fantasize about living a happy married life. But is it something you are okay with wanting now? Does the idea of marriage make you nervous, or do you smile at the thought of becoming their spouse? If you just said yes to the latter, congratulations. You might be an inch closer to your big day. 

Being ready for marriage signals that you are willing to go on your new journey in life. It signifies the readiness to be open to new responsibilities, adventures, and roles. 

2. It Seems Like A Pretty Healthy Relationship 

Marriage is not always rainbows and butterflies. Arguments, conflicts, and disagreements are part and parcel of every love life. But if you both have learned to deal with all of it in a healthy order, that could be a sign of how your relationship is a mature one. 

Through the years, I’ve seen many relationships where partners use verbal assaults on each other, if not physical. It gets so ugly that they both break up and patch up on a continual basis. This not only picks a toll on their mindsets but also affects their health and the relationship overall. 

Dishonesty, infidelity, suspicions, and constant arguments are all signs of an unhealthy relationship that are far from bringing you a happy married life. But if you have managed to walk past all of these phases with your partner, you could be closer to getting hitched. 

3. You Share Your Goals And Values

I hate to burst your bubble, but romance is only a part of a happy married life. Sure, it’s important, but there is so much more to it. Marriage is more like a partnership where two people share their ambitions, values, and goals and strive to accomplish them together to make their business (marriage) more profitable and long-lasting. 

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that both of you must agree on everything. That is not possible. But it is important to have similar core values so that living a happy married life is not just a mere dream for you. 

Your ethical values, the way to resolve conflicts, career goals, and decisions regarding children are certainly important goals and values that must align in order for this to work. If yours does, good for you! 

4. There Is Enough Positive Intimacy 

A lot of couples often misconceive intimacy as sex. But intimacy is a lot more than sex. It’s about how emotionally close you feel with one another and the level of trust you share with your lover. 

If you experience enough positive intimacy in your relationship where you feel that you both are transparent with one another, you might be ready to get hitched. Feelings of 100% trust between your partner and you are also a big sign of a settled relationship that is ready for the next step. 

5. You Are BFFS (Best Friends Forever)

It’s been quite some time now since you’ve been dating each other, but the love only grows feet. Both of you are constantly immersed in each other; the relationship is so solid that you always confide in each other, and it's always fun to be around them. This could be a sign too.

I believe that a solid relationship is built on the foundations of honesty, trust, and understanding. Together, they help weave up a relationship that only grows stronger with time. So, if you and your partner are each other’s best friends forever, it’s probably time. 

6. You Want A Marriage, Not Just A Wedding

Sure, we all hope to look our best in that dreamy wedding outfit with the right makeup and with the grand wedding of our dreams. But that’s not enough reason for anyone to be married to their partner, right? 

Marriage is a lot of responsibility alongside love and romance. That is why before wanting to get hitched, both partners must invest enough time in understanding what it takes to be married. If both of you are ready to host the challenges that come along the way together, you could think of taking the next step now. 

The Bottom Line

Getting hitched is a big affair. We know you may be really nervous at the moment but think about it. Having a settled life with your partner, always having their back, and experiencing all of life’s problems together, isn’t this what life is all about?

We hope that these signs could help you predict if this is a good time for you to be married to your special someone. 

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