Publication date May 31, 2023

Love At First Sight Or Love After Being Friends- End Of The Long-drawn Debate

For centuries, there has been a persistent debate about whether or not love at first sight truly exists. Let’s ask you.

Do you feel your heart skipping a beat when you come across a man who blows your mind with his looks? Does your heart feel like warm butter sliding down a hot toast when he looks at you? Sure, these could be the starters. But it’s a little deeper than that.

There are a considerable number of lovers who continue to believe that love is only possible after being friends. They believe that the whole crux of falling in love is based on falling for the different attributes of each other, which comes more comfortably through the foundation of friendship. 

Let’s put a full stop to this long-drawn debate now for once and for all. 

The Science Behind Love At First Sight

They say love at first sight is like walking into a store full of Gucci boots and knowing right at the moment that it is the one for you. The smell of new leather, the feel of those beautiful boots on your feet, and the self-confidence you experience when you donn them. There is no feeling like it. 

In my defense, I believe in love at first sight because I’ve felt it twice in my life. Both times, there was this instant connection, a spark, a sense of familiarity. I knew right at the moment that there was something between us that had to bloom. And voila! It did. 

I understand why such a large chunk of individuals have a hard time making peace with the existence of love at first sight. It’s strange to believe someone could be ‘THE ONE’ right when you come across them for the first time. I know it’s a bit odd to even trust the familiarity or the aura between us if we haven’t spent even a day knowing each other. But I still believe it happens because what is life without some big risks? 

What if it does work out? What if you do feel a rush of energy meeting them for the first time? What if you do trust the process, go with the flow, and realize you were right? 

The Science Behind Love After Being Friends

It sounds comfortable, fun, and sweet. Of course, it is a more convenient kind of love. One where you’ve known the person just enough to say with conviction whether they are the one for you. You’ve known them at their best and worst to analyze whether they can truly be your potential fit. Makes sense. 

I agree that this has the prospect of birthing a much more long-lasting relationship than the first. The former could also be an infatuation that you may misconceive to be love. That could be a big risk in the later stages of life. But love after being friends gives you enough reasons to fall in love with someone. 

It renders you sufficient time to spend with them, learn about their core values and strengths, alongside finding out whether they really feel like an all-in-all for you. Love after being friends gives you both enough time to make the love bloom between you two. 

Which Is Better?

The statistics of whether or not love at first sight exists is quite fluctuating. But when it comes to love after being friends, most people tend to agree without straddling the fence. Irrespective of which exists and which doesn’t, it is clear that love is having a sense of connection to feel with someone. It is to feel like you can spend the rest of your life in their arms and want nothing else. 

Both love at first sight and love after being friends have their own set of reasons to justify why both are equally prospective. But the truth truly lies in how you feel and what you do to make it last. Although I believe that love at first sight has a lower prevailing chance, I still believe in its magic. I believe in its power to offer a journey full of adventure, excitement, and delight. Over time, who knows, it could last.

History’s Take On It!

Historically, love at first sight has been treated as a moment of intense pleasure and excitement. It includes immediate attraction that may come easily and fade away at the same pace. So, little has been said about truly falling in love when talking about love at first sight. On the contrary, love after being friends has been treated as a more romantic subject. 

More theories and love experts suggest that love after being friends could culminate in a much healthier relationship because two people get the opportunity to mindfully be with one another. Sure, the love and excitement are there, but they also get the opportunity to know each other and fall in love with those attributes. 

The Bottom Line

Love at first sight vs. love after being friends, both are quite different from one another. But as long as you know you are falling for someone and falling hard, both lose, and both win. Tell us in the comment section down below whether you are a believer in love at first sight or love after being friends. We would enjoy knowing your side of the story. 

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