Publication date May 12, 2023

Met Gala might be over but Jared Leto is not done yet!

Met Gala might be over but the terror named Jared Leto just keeps on giving. Oh, you know where I’m going with this. If not then you really need to check out our pick of the worst dressed celebrities in Met Gala 2023. Met Gala is known for celebrities showing up in bold outfits. Celebrities always push boundaries when it comes to leaving a mark with their outfits at the Met Gala. But sometimes the outcome turns out to be whacky. And Jared Leto’s tribute to designer Karl Lagerfeld was whacky, to say the least.

Jared Leto cat outfit

Source: Today

Yes, Jared Leto’s big fashion statement at this year’s Met Gala was a furry cat costume. If you are active on social media then I’m sure you have pictures of the costume or seen reels and TikToks of the same. If not then you are definitely missing out. But coming back to the Met Gala, Jared Leto dressed as Karl Lagarfeld’s cat, Choupette. I only have one question in my mind. Did no one try to stop him before he walked onto the red carpet dressed as a cat?

The only silver lining was that it was only for a night and the Met Gala is over. But hold on, do you think it is over? No, not by a long shot. Jared Leto is a nightmare that keeps on giving to NYC. Yes, the 51 year-old-actor is still prancing around New York City dressed as Karl Lagarfeld’s cat, Choupette.

Met Gala was held on 2nd May but the Suicide Squad actor was spotted near Cafe Lyria dressed in his “not so easy to forget” cat outfit. I can understand Jared wanted to make a mark of his own and that is why he took the bold decision of dressing up as a cat and showing up on the red carpet but why was he still roaming around in the city dressed in a terrifying outfit. I guess this too is one of those mysteries of life that we’ll never uncover. And he was not just walking around, pictures have come up on social media that show he was taking selfies with the crowd in that outfit. 

There is only one thing that NYC needs now and it’s Batman. I’m not even joking if the Joker is roaming around the streets of New York dressed as a cat then the good folks of New York need a line of defense. Daymn I guess I got too deep into the analogy. But all joking aside there is no solid reason for Jared Leto to be still wearing that outfit. 

Is there a reason why Leto cannot get rid of his cat outfit? Is he secretly working on a project that we might not know about and all this is a publicity stunt before announcing his upcoming project. All we can do right now is make assumptions because I don’t think anybody has any solid idea of why Jared is still in that cat outfit. We have to wait and see if the actor pops back up in a different location dressed as Karl Lagerfeld’s cat. What do you think, will we see more of the actor in the cat outfit? Comment down below.

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