Publication date July 31, 2023

Mindful & Minimal Mom Habits Needed For Calm, Stress Free Life

Hello, busy mom! When was the last time you deep cleaned your home? Oh, and do you remember the oldest outfit from your wardrobe? If you don’t remember them clearly, maybe it’s time to embrace and become THAT minimal mom that’s taking over the internet. 

Mindful and minimalistic living has become even more significant now that our lifestyles have evolved. We started owning and wanting too many things leading to increased cognitive load. Cognitive overload is responsible for all that stress that keeps us haunted. And as a mom of growing kids whose hands are always full, it’s crucial to manage this stress from becoming chronic. 

Minimal Mom Habits

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To become a truly happy mama in all aspects of life, you need to adopt minimal mom habits. It’s a whole journey by itself, but you gotta start somewhere, right? Adopting minimalism can increase your happiness, and create a sense of contentment in daily life. One of the biggest misconceptions about living mindfully and minimally is that everyone thinks they have to give up on a lot of things and live life just getting by with less stuff. How wrong! It’s actually living with less, so you can make space for more. More time, more joy, more money, more space for things that matter, and more energy. 

We know you are a super mama who wants to do everything, so this article is for you. Also, a minimalist lifestyle could look different to each one of us depending upon our priorities. So, take these habits and modify them a bit to suit your liking. For instance, you may want to declutter your home thrice a month rather than once every week. 

Minimal mom habits

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Minimal Mom Habit #1: Have A Weekly Declutter Routine

Not finding your stuff when urgently needed can cause trouble at the last minute. And if that wasn’t enough, then trying cleaning and decluttering the entire home just before some important occasion comes up is more tiresome. Save yourself all those troubles and have a weekly decluttering routine instead. 

Follow this free weekly declutter routine plan -

Week 1:  Check out your clothes, shoe rack, bags, kitchen items, accessories, bathroom cabinet items, and medicine cabinet. Clear out all the accumulated trash and throw away any paper, plastic garbage, or any you no longer require. Collect anything recyclable and worth donating items, so that it doesn’t get wasted. 

Week 2: The fun part begins. It’s time to start cleaning your clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Clean the bathroom and medicinal cabinets. Clean all your personal belongings one day at a time. Don’t forget to take a break at the weekend because we are just getting started ahead. 

Week 3: Collect your kids’ toys, clothes, shoes, books, games, and personal belongings. Throw or give away the items that are no longer needed. Clean up the rest of the items during the other half of the week. 

Week 4: Clean your kitchen area thoroughly. Clean the kitchen cupboards, pantry area, kitchen accessories, utensils, and refrigerator.

Repeat this entire process every month, and voila you get to live in the cleanest home you could have only imagined.

Minimal Mom Habit #2: Embrace the 30-Day Rule 

Have you heard of the 30-Day Rule? It’s a simple rule that you need to follow before buying anything. Next time you want to make an expensive purchase wait for 30 days to pass, this especially holds true when sales are going on. Sales make us buy everything on a whim without ever considering if we want that thing in the first place or not. After 30 days pass, if you still want it, you can go ahead and make the purchase.

Minimal Mom Habit #3: Reduce Single-use Items

Single-use items are convenient, but they create so much clutter in the home and additionally contribute to a lot of trash on the planet. These single-use items are usually non-recyclable, so there is no point in buying them. You can search for alternate items for the same and swap them. The next time you are tempted to purchase single-use items, just make a mental note to buy it's better alternative. Being sustainable in this journey is going to make your life so much easier mama!

Minimal Mom Habit #4: Have A Space For Every Item

Having kids and having all the items in their place is almost next to impossible. But you can try! One of the major reasons why everything is scattered around at your home all the time is because there is no proper place for those things. So, get moving to a store, buy some sturdy containers/cabinets, boxes, and organizers and give those things a permanent space. 

Minimal Mom Habit #5: Be Intentional While Shopping

You could keep decluttering for the rest of your life if you don’t have a good shopping habit. Decluttering begins in the shopping malls. If you are wondering how, well, the answer is quite clear. You really need to be intentional about shopping for anything for yourself or your home. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself before buying.

  1. Is this my need or my want?
  2. Do I need to buy this urgently?
  3. Why am I buying this? Is it because some social media influencer said it’s good?
  4. Can I get the same more sustainably or affordably? 

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