Publication date September 13, 2023

Morning Routine For Energetic and Productive Start of the Day

I recently started waking up earlier and following a morning routine. Waking up just an hour before made quite a difference in my life and made me feel like I had a lot of time and energy. Having a morning routine can set the tone for the rest of your day. I never used to find time for myself amidst my full-time job, and mommy duties, and being a wife and a daughter never helped it either.

Following a morning routine helped me to spend quality time with myself before I take on the responsibilities of others. And that really changed my relationship with me. I could heal my burnout and transform myself - all thanks to being consistent with my morning routine.

Morning Routine

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You need to experience the magic of 5 AMs and see the change for yourself. This morning routine helped me reduce stress levels and I could notice increased productivity throughout the day. 

Rise and Shine

Start your day with positive intentions. Wake up with a purpose that you will not let anybody dictate how your day is going to go. As soon as you wake up, set an intention for the day whether it's for work or your personal life. For instance, “Today, I am worthy of all the abundance that’s coming my way” or “No matter what happens today I choose to stay calm and poised.” Setting the right intentions helps you in starting the day on a good note. Also, waking up at the same time every day has a lot of benefits. It helps in maintaining sleep hygiene and the circadian rhythm of the body.

Morning Routine

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I used to go without drinking water up until noon, and had my first large cup of coffee within one hour of waking up. Needless to say, it was my worst habit ever. It left me feeling dehydrated and my energy levels were automatically down by noon. It did give me an energized feeling but soon after three hours I used to crash down. I made a choice to replace this habit of mine with a healthy choice of drink. I replaced my coffee and no water with warm water. Sometimes, I prefer to squeeze in half a lemon in my bottle and sip it slowly. As soon as you wake up, your body needs hydration. And I made a wise choice by starting my day with some water and supplements. 

Morning Routine

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Getting exercise first thing in the morning should be your priority. Atleast, my quick fix solution to lack of energy throughout the day was to get some exercise in the morning sunlight. Adding this to my morning routine benefited me in so many ways. I go for a 15 minute walk in the sunlight after which I hit the neighborhood gym and get my 30 minute power packed workout done. Getting movement first thing in the morning is great for health and if you don't like going to gym I suggest you can start small by getting 8000 steps done and maybe doing yoga. 

Morning Routine

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Take a Cold Shower

Did you know cold showers are more beneficial than hot showers? Cold showers after intense workout will help you in relaxing the muscles. Apart from that, cold showers have various other benefits. It helps you with achieving nicer and softer body skin as the cold water doesn't rip off the moisture from the sebum. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it helped me a great deal in losing fat.

Morning Routine

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I have fresh and new thoughts in the morning which I like to journal. As someone who struggled with mental health, putting my thoughts on the paper helped me regulate my nervous system. I used to wake up with racing thoughts and had no idea why I was feeling that way. Consistent practice of journaling helped me understand my mental patterns and eased my anxiety. Now, I don't go a single day without journaling.


Meditation helps in soothing the stress in life and can help in making your day start on a more calmer note. There were times when I used to wake up more anxious and be ridden with some unknown fear of what lies ahead for the day. I started meditating and I noticed my racing thoughts slowly started becoming more manageable. It took some time to get there but meditation is one thing that you should add into your daily routine. 

Morning Routine

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Affirmations is the way you speak to yourself. How do you speak to yourself? Do you affirm positive thoughts into your life or talk negatively about yourself? How you speak to yourself determines the quality of your life and consciously practicing this in the morning can help you change your life in ways you cannot imagine. 

Morning Routine

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Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

I often noticed myself craving some sugary or salty alternatives to snack on in the later part of the day if I had skipped breakfast in the morning. It affected my metabolism heavily and made me gain weight. Never skip a nutritious protein rich breakfast in the morning. A quick breakfast made of eggs, bacon, or chicken with some greens on the side helps to maintain your energy for the rest of the day and keeps you full until noon.

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