Publication date February 17, 2023

My thoughts on Twilight after rewatching it: Is it really worth it?

The literary taste will differ from person to person. Someone who might enjoy a good romantic novel might not enjoy a well-written comic book. I start by saying this because this article is completely based on my opinion and I don’t want to be on anyone’s wrong side just because they might not agree with my opinions. Now having said that let’s come to the point, Twilight. When it comes to fantasy I’m usually all in. I love Harry Potter, the series has depth, emotion, action, and moments of pure bliss. But in my opinion, Twilight misses out on the depth like Harry Potter or that’s what I thought when I watched it the first time. But how will my experience be if I rewatched it so I made some fresh popcorn and was all set to dive deep into the world of Twilight? 

Source: Alex Meyers

I remember when I first saw the Twilight series I was not exactly on any team. I mean I wasn’t actually team Bella, or team Jacob and was definitely part of team Edward. Surprisingly enough Anna Kendrick was the most memorable actor in the film for me. That might be a slight exaggeration but I was curious to see one thing. Will any of the main characters move me this time around? 

The very first thing that absolutely did not sit right with me was Edward Cullen roaming the halls of Forks High School. You might be wondering why? But I know some of you already guessed it by now. First of all Edward’s real age is over a century or something but since he is a vampire he doesn’t age like everybody else so for everyone in school he was 17. Seriously, 17! And everyone believed it? He looked like he was 30 years older than every student in the school. I definitely missed it the first time but in my second rewatch I could not stop thinking was it for real or were the filmmakers just messing with us?

Now coming to Bella. After watching the first film again I can with full confidence say she is not a good friend. I feel like that because I loved the first interaction between Bella and Jacob. From the get-go, it was clear Bella was not ecstatic about the move to Forks. She doesn’t know anyone there and her life and her friends were back in Arizona. But Bella finally meets a familiar face in Forks, Jacob. Their first interaction had even a cute reference to them making mud pies when they were kids. As Jacob hands her the car Bella offers to give him a ride to school but unfortunately, he goes to a different school. And in school, she meets Edward who was “17”. They started to hang out while Jacob was going through a rough patch. Even Bella’s father asked her to stop hanging with the “17” year old Edward and urged her to spend some time with Jacob. A good friend would have done that, and I will let you guess why I think she is not a good friend.  

Well, it was not long before I started recalling my first time watching the film. I was not a fan of it then and I started to recall all the reasons I did not enjoy the film. I’m pretty sure the franchise has many fans and I even know some personally and all I wanted to say to them is Twilight is not everyone’s cup of tea. I once had a friend of mine explain how emotional Twilight is, I still remember telling him the scene from I am legend when Samantha dies had more emotion in it than the entire Twilight franchise combined. And it’s ok if some don't agree with me. 

Coming back to my second watch of Twilight sadly I could not continue for long. I could only watch so much from the first film before I tapped out. But do let me know in the comments if you are a fan of the film series and if you are, how many times have you watched it. 

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