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New Career at 50: 5 Tips on How to Do It Successfully

The idea of starting a new career at 50 was once unthinkable, but today for many people, it has become increasingly common.

 starting a new career at 50

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Many of us find that their interests change with time, leading them to pursue different paths.

No matter what your age is or the field you work in, a career change always seems daunting, especially if you have spent decades in the same role. But career change after 50 is not as difficult as you think.

All you need is to decide what career you want to pursue from the best jobs to retrain for at 50 and a strategy for how to get there. A career change at 50 can increase your peace of mind, passion, and activity levels leading to a more enjoyable life.

If your current job does not satisfy you, changing your career can offer new challenges and relationships that will boost your work satisfaction.

So, if you are considering a new career at 50, the good news is that there are likely many possibilities that you may have never imagined before.  

Keep reading to find out more about why and how should you start a new career even after 50. 

Why should you start a New Career at 50? 

Starting a new career after 50 can be a wise and rewarding decision for you; if you want to pursue a career that aligns with your passions, interests, and values.

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It can also be a transformative experience that opens up new challenges and new doors in your life. Here are a few more reasons and benefits of choosing a new career at 50:

  • New Opportunities

You will have the chance to learn new skills, take on different challenges, and pursue new interests. This can lead to higher personal and professional growth, excitement, and fulfillment in your job.

  • Higher-Income 

By shifting into a new career path at 50, you can negotiate a higher salary or pursue a career in a higher-paying industry. This can be especially beneficial when you want to support your family or save for retirement. 

  • New social connections

A career change at 50 can offer you opportunities to build new social connections. This is especially beneficial if you are transitioning into a new field or industry, as it can help you build a network of contacts and mentors who can support you in your new career. 

  • Career longevity

If you are choosing second career ideas over 50 then you can extend your career longevity and continue working into your 60s or beyond.

Aside from above mentioned reasons, starting a new career path that aligns with your skills and interests can also provide you greater job security and financial stability in your later years. 

Tips to Start a New Career at 50

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been an increase in the participation rate of people aged 55 and older in the labor force through 2024. 

So it clearly indicates that because more people are considering this, pursuing a new career at 50 is possible. 

Below are some tips on how you can change careers at 50 that may be useful.

1. Find out What You Want to Do

When you are thinking about changing your career at 50 or after 50, it is important to consider the type of lifestyle you want to live and how your job change will support that lifestyle. 

Many people prefer a new career at 50 with more work-life balance or a career that will help them overcome stress and spend more time with family or enjoy some personal hobbies and interests. 

So before you decide on your career, think about the lifestyle you hope to support with that career. This will give you a better sense of what you are looking for in terms of salary and flexible work options. 

2. List Your Skills

Transferable skills play an essential role when it comes to changing careers. That’s why you should create a long list of your best skills.

This skill should include everything from your computer skills to skills like communication and listening. 

Once you are done with the list of skills, the next step is to compare your skills to the ones needed in the new career. Highlight on your career change resume and cover letters the skills you already have that translate to your new career field. 

3. Seek Support

When you feel like you are not sure what to do or are confused about choosing a new career, it is best to take your friends or family's help. 

They may not be able to give you an exact roadmap but they may help you write a great cover letter specifically for older job seekers or reach out to their connections who might be able to help your network. 

Your family members may provide you with emotional support as you navigate these new challenges. 

But if you need some professional support and advice, you can consider reaching out to a career coach.  A career coach can help you get fully up to date on job search trends and what employers expect to see from applicants today. 

4. Consider More Education and Rebranding of Yourself 

After you have updated your resume take a good look at the job listings in your desired career field and see what skills they are asking for. 

If you lack some of the skills and expertise that the company wants in a viable candidate, it will be a good idea to brush up on your knowledge. 

That way, you’ll meet the qualifications when you’re ready to start job hunting seriously. 

5. Test the Waters

It is not enough to want to have a new career at 50, you should also try it out before committing. 

So it is good to look for ways in which you can test out your new career such as getting a paid adult internship or even starting a part-time job in your newfound area of interest. 

That firsthand experience will help you determine if this job and the industry as a whole are right for you. 

The bottom line?

In the process of starting a new career at 50, the key thing to keep in mind is no matter what type of career change you want to make, it is essential to assess yourself. 

You don’t even need to earn a degree. All you need is to find your interests, strengths, and weaknesses and explore opportunities that align with them. 

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