Publication date May 12, 2023

Nosy fan slammed for secretly recording Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber!

Staying off the radar is next to impossible if you are a celebrity, especially in today’s day and age where everyone is looking for something to post on social media. Today everyone with a smartphone is a potential paparazzi and is looking for a juicy shot to take off their favorite celebrity. But what about those celebrities who are constantly in the limelight? I’m pretty sure not every one of those celebrities loves being filmed or photographed when they are enjoying some alone time. Justin Bieber is one of those celebrities. 

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber

Source: Koimoi

Justin Bieber has tried very hard to stay out of too much-unwanted attention ever since he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. This is a neurological disorder that causes facial paralysis in the patient. Post his diagnosis he has been spending more time with his wife Hailey Bieber and that’s to be expected. In his tough times, he wanted to be close to the woman he loves and adores. But like I said in today’s day and age anyone with a smartphone is a potential paparazzi. And this is exactly what a fan turned into when she spotted the celebrity couple in a cafe. While she was secretly filming them she ended up embarrassing herself.

To be honest I feel for the Biebers. It has not been the greatest year for them. Hailey was the target of a serious social media backlash from Selena Gomez fans and it felt like whatever Hailey did was compared to Selena and at the end Hailey would also be accused of copying Selena. Even Justin had a rough time with his diagnosis and put his upcoming tour on hold because of this. And the last thing the Biebers needed at this point was a nosy fan secretly recording them.

What took place in the cafe was not shared by Justin Bieber or Hailey Bieber through their social media. Rather the incident came to light when a video surfaced on Instagram. And, yes the video was shared by none other than our nosy fan. In the video, you would see her trying to secretly record Justin and Hailey. And in the process, she accidentally spilled her coffee. The video had a text which read,” POV you spill your coffee in front of Justin and Hailey”. Well, she would have never spilled her coffee if she respected Justin and Hailey’s privacy. But she didn’t respect their boundaries and spilled her coffee in front of the couple and posted this embarrassing incident on Instagram.

It was evident from the video that Justin Bieber knew the female fan was trying to record them and from his facial expression it was clear that he did not want to be recorded. And people who saw the video also noticed that and then the comments started to come in slamming the nosy fan for filming the couple without their consent. One of the comments read,” He giving bombastic side eye cause you clearly filming them on purpose”, while another user wrote,” Looks like he knew the Bs you were pulling.”

These were just two of the many comments which were posted under the video. We all have our favorite singers and actors and it is normal if we meet them in real life we would want a picture or video to remember the incident by. But celebrities are also human and they also have a right to privacy and the female fan clearly stepped out of line when she recorded the couple without their consent and that is why the netizens slammed her. But what do you think about what she did was right or wrong? Comment down below. 

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