Publication date May 19, 2023

OMG! Did Taylor Swift really fall for Matty Healy?

Thanks to the internet we will never run out of dating rumors. And after the rumors of Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady dating now it’s reported that Taylor Swift might be dating the lead singer of the English synth-pop band The 1975 Matty Healy. Taylor Swift broke up with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn back in April. The couple was together for six years and many fans thought Joe Alwyn was ‘the one’. 

Taylor Swift dating Matty Healy

Source: Billboard

This is not the first report of Taylor Swift dating someone new though. In the last month, we have had several rumors about Taylor Swift’s romantic life. Some claimed that Taylor Swift was dating the Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso, while Page Six reported that Taylor Swift was seeing an “older and more low-key” person. And now reports suggest that Taylor Swift is seeing Matty Healy. 

If Taylor Swift is dating Matty Healy then Page Six at least got one of the things right as Matty Healy is older than Taylor Swift but he is anything but low-key. Matty Healy is known for making headlines for his pretentious interviews, controversial antics onstage, and his problem with drugs. In his most recent tour, he made headlines for eating raw meat and kissing his fans. I don’t think Matty even knows how to be low-key. Also in the last few months, he has had several allegations of racism.

But Taylor Swift fans don’t think she is dating Matty Healy. Yes, the news of the ‘new romance’ was first published by the Sun on May 3 and the story left Taylor Swift fans baffled. And honestly, I agree with their logic. Someone who dated a private guy like Joe Alwyn can never fall for a pretentious guy like Matty Healy. 

But I don’t think it’s just a rumor and now even major publishers are picking up the story but that might be because of the recent public sighting of the two. Matty Healy was seen at the Eras tour show in Nashville along with Gigi Hadid, Phoebe Bridgers, and Taylor Swift’s dad. Dating or not Matty Healy must be really close to Taylor if he was enjoying her live performance with her dad. This could also mean that Taylor Swift and Matty Healy want us to that they are seeing each other. Well, Taylor always says that nothing she does is an accident.

The possibilities of the two dating each other are very high because they also have a history together. Jack Antonoff co-produced 1975’s most recent article and he was also a part of Taylor Swift’s Midnights. Also back in 2014, Taylor Swift was seen leaving her apartment wearing a The 1975 t-shirt, and in 2014 there was a rumor of both of them seeing each other. But back then it was only a rumor but this time around things are definitely different. 

If they are dating each other then the question would be is this serious or is this casual? But no one can actually know, everyone thought Taylor Swift would end up with Joe but that didn’t last. What do you think about this, comment down below.

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