Publication date May 3, 2023

Planning a Camping Trip? Then You Should Try out These Awesome Camping Activities

Many people love camping. The opportunity to spend the holidays outdoors with friends and family is usually a bonding experience most people look forward to. It’s also the perfect getaway from school and work activities for teens, adults, and parents.

You can experience your fantasies of real-life outdoor adventures when you go on a camping trip. However, creating a successful simulation of real-life adventure takes proper planning.

To make the trip memorable, consider everyone's interests and prepare the props you may need for the experience. In this post, find out some fun activities that will deliver a lot of thrill and excitement during a camping trip.

Boat Cruise

Boat cruises are relaxing, exciting, and a sophisticated way of creating new memories with fellow campers. Some campsites near the beach have boats of various sizes for rent to fit a large group.

Depending on your group's size, you can rent one or more large boats and tour the water around your campsite. Take pictures of the moment while enjoying the beautiful and thrilling atmosphere on the water.

Boat Cruise


Not everyone likes hiking. However, if you love to spend time in a natural habitat and enjoy having a good view of your environment, consider walking up a hill. 

With hiking, you could get the group to explore and enjoy the serene environment together. But walking is not the only fun part. You can also pack some snacks, board games, and music for the group to hang out on the hill while enjoying the beautiful view of nature. 

Play board games, charades, 20 questions, and other games to engage the team and get everyone active.



Another outdoor activity you should try out while on your trip is fishing. Apart from the bonding opportunity it provides for your group, this recreational activity also helps you pick up new skills you can show off after your holidays.

Some items to take along for this purpose are fishing lines and hooks, fishing rods and reels, tackle boxes, and bait. Also, you can pack some cooking equipment so the group can barbecue the catch together.


Sack Race

Your camp trip is not complete without a competitive game. One of the ways to have adrenaline pumping through everyone’s veins is to set up a sack race competition. They are exciting because they are more challenging and require different skills and talent than the usual sprint.

Instead of running, the participants have to jump their way to the finish line. The good thing about sack races is that it's easy to get the props. Bring along enough sacks to your campsite so interested campers can participate.

sack race


Paintball is the perfect simulation of a real-life outdoor survival mode. Many people fantasize about having this kind of adventure. You can participate in a shooting but non-violent combat by playing paintball during camp trips.

Just like in the movies, you can play as a team to eliminate the members of the opposing team.

Several campsites have paintball facilities. If you are interested in this adventurous game, ensure your camp location is close to a paintball field.


Horseback Riding

Campsites are a great place to try out new adventures like horseback riding. Although some may consider horse riding to be daring, it's safe to try it out under the strict supervision of a professional.

Some campsites have horses for visitors and tourists to ride under the supervision of an instructor. Make sure to wear a helmet while riding a horse.

Horseback Riding

Tug of War

The best part of playing Tug of War is you only need a long rope and space. On days when you have exhausted all game activities planned for the camp trip, you can organize your team to participate in this game of strength. It's fun, physically challenging, and competitive.

This game is a great way to teach campers the importance of teamwork while having a lot of fun.

Tug Of War

Beach Volleyball

Both kids and adults enjoy playing volleyball. This is enough reason to bring it along for your camp trip. Volleyball provides an outlet for energy release. Besides, it creates a bonding avenue for the players and even the audience.

If your camp location is a beach, set up a volleyball net and enjoy the excitement of playing the game with your friends or family.

Beach Volleyball


Food items and clothes aren't the only things to pack for your trip. A stress-relieving game such as Jenga will come in handy during your trip. Jenga can accommodate up to six players at once. If you have a larger group, pack more than one of these games with you. 

The thrill of watching every player's decision-making and waiting to see whether they will fail is one of the most exciting aspects of playing Jenga. Moreover, modern Jenga takes the game to a new level by inscribing dares on each wooden block. The implication is that a player that picks a wooden block with a dare must perform the dare.


Build a Campfire

Camping around a fire may sound cliche, but they help the group relax together after spending the day doing rigorous activities.

Since you're spending the night outside, the fire will keep you warm and repel the insects. Also, you can create an intimate bonding experience with your group by sharing stories, catching up, singing together, or playing games during this period.


In conclusion, the idea of camping is to have fun with people around you without resorting to your phone and gadgets. So, before you embark on your camp trip, create a checklist of activities you intend to participate in. This checklist will help you plan and influence your decision in choosing a suitable camp location.

It will also give you an idea of all the props and items you must pack for the activities. And lastly, remember to take your sunscreen with you.

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