Publication date August 22, 2023

Postpartum hair loss: How to deal with it with grace

You got through the first phase of pregnancy, you gave birth, now welcome to the next stage of pregnancy when your hormones go all for a toss. Hormones going for a toss comes with a lot of changes in the body and the first thing you will end up experiencing is thinning of your hair. Postpartum hair loss can make many new moms feel visibly ashamed of her appearance. 

Postpartum hair loss

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It’s a normal thing to experience and you should show yourself some grace if you wish to get back your fuller hair. The hormones in your body, esp. The estrogen levels fall off, leading to losing clumps of hair. On an average, one can lose up to 100 strands daily, but the postpartum hair loss goes beyond that number. Although there is nothing you can do to prevent it because the hair goes through different cycles. You can still try to go through this season of your life by taking care of your hair as much as possible. If you are going through this situation, reading further might help you. 

Internal Nutrition

You could be eating a nutritious diet and still all you can see is your worsening hair fall leading you to think that eating healthy is not working in your favor. But, this is the time when you should be tweaking your nutrition and increasing the nutrient content in your diet. The body will try to use up all the nutrients, that’s why they say that you should double down your nutrient intake before and after pregnancy. 

Choose Right Accessories 

Choose silk scrunchies over the normal hair ties. Normal elastic hair ties can be tight and harsh for the hair. Do not go for tight hairstyles either. A tight ponytail is a big no-no. You can keep your hairstyle minimal by keeping your hair in braids. 

Take Supplements

You might even need extra vitamin supplements for the same. There are so many vitamin supplements that are not pregnancy friendly. Visit a nutritionist and get consulted if you have any deficiency that you need to make up for.

Use Gentle Shampoos 

You would want your hair to retain the moisture regardless of what type of hair you have and what condition it is currently like. It especially holds true if you are going through postpartum hair loss, switching to natural or gentle shampoos can be beneficial for you. Use a good conditioner to lock in the moisture and avoid any kind of styling products. Dry your hair without the use of a hair dryer as the hot air can be harsh on your hair. 

Get a New Haircut 

Cutting your hair instantly increases the volume of your hair and post pregnancy its a bit difficult to maintain your hair and washing your hair in itself can be huge chore. Shorter hair is easy to maintain, groom and looks fresh. Cutting your hair short can help you with re-growth of the hair. No more painful snatching of hair by your baby and you don't have to worry about spending a lot of time doing grooming. 

Treat the Hair Texture Accordingly 

Pregnancy changes your hair texture. Maybe you had thicker and straight hair before pregnancy and now after having the baby your hair has become textured and wavy. New hair requires new treatment. The change in your hair also needs a different type of care. New moms tend to have curlier, wavier, or sometimes they can go straight from wavy or curly. 

Postpartum hair loss

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Do not lose hope if you are not seeing any changes in your hair, postpartum hair loss can last up to an year or 1.5 years but it will definitely recover with consistent practice of good hair care routine. 

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