Publication date October 10, 2022

Rec Room's latest western-themed original Showdown is just insane!

Rec Room is one of those titles that climbed to the top of the VR mountain very quietly and after six years calling it a success sounds like an understatement. What’s more fascinating is their rate of growth. According to reports, the game has recently seen a year-on-year growth of a whopping 640 percent. That is not all, today there are more rooms on the platform than there are apps on the app store, now that is an accomplishment. Rec Room has become a go-to destination for more than 75 million mobile and VR players across various platforms. 

If you are one of those 75 million players then there is great news for you, Rec Room has come out with a brand new Rec Room Original experience named Showdown. Now you have a whole new frontier to explore. Does not matter if you are a gamer or a creator you will have fun regardless. You can explore, create or compete with the community. Do what floats your boat. Showdown is now live across Android and iOS platforms. Showdown is all about cowboys and outlaws, yes it has an old-west vibe to it and if creation is your thing then you will be ecstatic to know that Showdown Rec Room has expanded the suite of creation tools for all the creators like you.

Strap on your spurs

Rec Room Showdown

Source: VTRScout

Giddy up and board the Rec Express travel to the ghost town of Sarsaparilla Springs but you know what this ain't no town anymore it is a battlefield. So grab your cowboy boots and gear up for an all-out shootout. Step into the battlefield because corks are flying everywhere. Oh didn’t I tell you? You will be fighting with your cork-loaded guns. Rack up victories and get your hands on some really cool prizes.

Unity is the only way to victory

Rec Room Showdown

Source: VRScout

If you are planning on conquering the world of Rec Room’s Showdown as a lone world then I hate to break it to you, but you can’t. The only way you can partake in the shootout is in a team of 3. Yes, in every match two teams of three players spawn on the map with revolvers. Search the map for better weapons. Get as many hits as possible in 4 minutes to win or strategize with your teammates and get a collective of 25 points to win the contest.

Know the “Battlefield”

Rec Room Showdown

Source: Road to VR

Know the map, remember it like the back of your hand and you will have an edge over your opponents, they will never know what hit them. The bank and The Jailhouse are the two spawn locations on the map. If you are a part of The Sheriff's team you will spawn in The Bank and the players part of the bandit team will spawn in The Jailhouse. There is also The Theater, you spawn here when you first load into the lobby. 

Other than these you can also access other locations like The Bar, The Station and the Archibald Mining Co. Make sure you visit these locations. Why do you ask? These locations all have better weapons that can help you rack up points/hits. 

Your Weapons

Rec Room Showdown

Source: Rec Room

As of now, Showdown has been released with three weapons. Every player when they spawn in the game spawn with a revolver which is also called a Cork Spinner. With the Cork Spinner, you can shoot six corks with unlimited range. The next weapon is a shotgun also known as the Cork Blaster. This too can shoot 6 six corks before reloading but the range of this weapon is the worst. To be fair we cannot expect a great range from a shotgun, but we can expect a shotgun to be deadly in close quarters, and in that sector the Cork Blaster delivers. So if up close and personal is your style then this is definitely for you. For the last weapon, we have the carbine also known as the Cork Repeater. Now, this weapon is an acquired taste, the Cork Repeater shoots 3 bursts before you need to reload it. The gun has a very slow fire rate but you can use this as a sniper. So if you like to keep your distance and make your shots count then the Cork Repeater is certainly a gun you will love.  

The spoils of war

Rec Room showdown

Source: Xbox Wire

The Showdown just released and that might be the reason there are limited rewards or costume sets but one costume that is there is The Cowgirl Outfit. Although you can buy this set from the Rec Center, I would suggest you steer clear of this because of the hefty price tag. Just take your chances in the packages you earn in the Showdown, who knows you might win the set. But if you are set on buying the outfit set it will cost you exactly 13400 Tokens. 

So are you excited about the new Rec Room Original Showdown? Let us know in the comments below.

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