Publication date August 8, 2022

Selena Gomez moves into Hannah Montana's house for Selena + Chef season 4! Crossover of our dreams!

Selena Gomez is on her way with the fourth season of her hit show Selena + Chef, but this time it will be extra special. But what’s so special? Well, this time we have a change of venue. Those who have followed the previous three seasons of Selena + Chef know that all three seasons were shot in Selena Gomez’s house. But a change of scenery every now and then is nice. So for the fourth season of Selena + Chef, it’s all about the Malibu vibes.

Selena + Chef season 4 filmed in Hannah Montana house

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The official trailer for the fourth season of Selena + Chef dropped last Wednesday. And we saw Selena Gomez against gorgeous South California scenery. And her voiceover confirms it all. Selena’s voiceover said “ Selena + Chef takes malibu! This year, I’m getting out of town and even more out of my comfort zone.” 

But Selena will not be cooking out of any kitchen in Malibu. In the upcoming season, Selena will be cooking out of a kitchen of the beach house where Miley Stewart lived with her family. Not ringing any bells, well maybe you know her as Hannah Montana. Yes, we will be seeing Selena Gomez cooking out of Hannah Montana’s Kitchen. I never knew I wanted this cross-over until I saw the trailer.

Selena + Chef season 4 filmed in Hannah Montana malibu beach house

Source: Twitter

Although this is not the first time this Disney landmark has been featured in an HBO show. If you didn’t know this was also used for HBO’s Big Little Lies. If you followed the show you would know the house was used by Madeline Martha Mackenzie played by Reese Witherspoon. And after Reese Selena is all set to move into the iconic beach house for the fourth season of Selena + Chef.

But the OG fans of Hannah Montana know this is not the first time Selena and Mylie are sharing the Hannah Montana stage. Selena Gomez appeared on Hannah Montana as Hannah’s pop star rival Mikayla Skeech. But Mikayla was never a rival of Miley, Miley and Mikayla were friends. But Hannah and Mikayla could never get along. Now with all this history when fans found out Selena is moving into Hannah Montana’s house they took to Twitter and some of the tweets were straight-up hilarious. One fan tweeted saying “ Miley may have won the battle…..Mikayla won the war”. Another fan sided with Hannah and tweeted “omg how sweet is that Hannah Montana gave the house to Mikayla”. And the list of tweets about Hannah and Mikayla goes on. 

Selena + Chef season 2 filmed in Hannah Montana's house

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Only one thing could make Selena + Chef more iconic if Miley Cyrus comes on the show as a guest. Many fans like me are hoping for this but Miley is not on the featured guest list, yet! But you never know, what if Selena is planning a surprise for us? But are you curious about who all will be featured in season 4 of Selena + Chef? We got the guest list, guys! The guest list includes Adrienne Cheatham, Racheal Ray, Matty Matheson, and Gordon Ramsay. Don’t know about you all but I’m super pumped to watch Selena Gomez and Gordon Ramsay cook side by side in Hannah Montana’s kitchen. 

But the location and all the celebrities aside it all boils down to the tasty recipes and you can expect some really good ones. The trailer featured Selena cracking open coconuts, blowtorching desserts, and much more. Selena sure did step out of her comfort zone for the fourth season of Selena + Chef. So mark your calendars so you don’t miss this hit by Selena. The first three episodes will be dropping on August 18, followed by the second installment of episodes which will be dropping on August 25, and the final four episodes will drop on 1st September. Can you guess what recipes Selena will be bringing around this time? Comment down below.

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