Publication date June 20, 2022

Shocking! These Food Items Were Tried On Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

You've probably heard of Andrew Zimmern's Travel Channel show "Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern" unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade. This show, which debuted in 2007, follows an adventurous chef as he travels across the world sampling traditional dishes that we in North America might find strange. As the show's success grew, Zimmern traveled closer to home, sampling some of America's strangest foods for a spinoff called "Bizarre Foods America." Aside from the disgusting factor, "Bizarre Foods" teaches viewers about different cultures and their different tastes.

Bizzare foods with Andrew Zimmern

Source: Travel Channel

"If it looks nice, eat it!" Zimmern always says on the show. He, on the other hand, will try almost anything, no matter how repulsive it looks, smells, or tastes. His willingness to try anything once has entertained viewers for many seasons and provided him with culinary adventures that most of us will never enjoy. While some of the items Zimmern prepares on the show aren't half terrible, others are downright weird. He was able to keep them down (most of the time), but I wouldn't try any of the foods on this list for the world!

Continue reading to see the 10 of the most revolting foods Andrew Zimmern tried on "Bizarre Foods!" Although we should add a disclaimer — Gory food details and images.


Andrew Zimmern visited Croatia in 2015. While Eastern Europe may not appear to be the most unique region for food, it is here that the chef had the opportunity to sample roasted dormice. Even though mice don't produce much meat, this historic culinary tradition of snacking on them helps Croatians get through the cold winters. I find the concept of eating a rodent repulsive, yet this activity, which includes dormice hunting, has been practiced for centuries and isn't going away anytime soon.


While many of Zimmern's gastronomic adventures take him to far-flung corners of the globe, strange delicacies can also be found close to home. For example, in an episode in which the chef and the late Anthony Bourdain travelled to New York City, the two tried some pretty bizarre foods, including tarantulas on a stick. I'm afraid of spiders, so the thought of chewing on a big giant spider leg gives me the shivers! Perhaps consuming the thing I'm afraid of will make me feel less afraid.


Frogs, believe it or not, are another widely consumed meal around the world. Zimmern has experimented with them in a variety of ways throughout the series. Millions of people seem to like eating this slimy creature, from frog congee to stuffed frogs to grilled frogs! However, the most unusual way the chef has eaten frogs was in Tokyo, Japan. In the show's premiere episode, he tried frog sashimi as well as the frog's still-beating heart. But, no, thank you!

The Giant Sea Squirt 

Sea squirts, also known as tunicates or ascidians in science, are invertebrates that dwell in shallow water. When they are agitated, they often blast water at predators, earning the name sea squirts. Andrew Zimmern ate a gigantic sea squirt on a trip to Chile for "Bizarre Foods," which is possibly the craziest dish he sampled on the show. Stranger still? He ate it without cooking it! Zimmern added a little lemon juice to make them more edible, even though they taste bitter and fishy.

Ice cream made from beef tongue

From food to fashion, Japan is regarded as being unique and innovative in many aspects. Andrew Zimmern got to sample a wide range of the country's culinary innovations during his multiple excursions there for "Bizarre Foods." But, of all the unusual foods, cow tongue ice cream was maybe the strangest. We usually associate sweet flavors with the creamy coolness of ice cream, rather than a salty, savory, bloody flavor. I would never order a cone of this ice cream!

Pig Ears

Pig's ears were another strange but surprisingly popular meal that Zimmern ate on the show. The chef tried this random pork portion in a variety of flavors and methods in Vietnam, Spain, and the United States. Pig's ears are crunchy and chewy and have a sweet pork flavor. They're frequently fried. This food is usually strongly seasoned and devoured to avoid any waste of meat, whether it is served as an appetizer or a main course. I used to think they were only for dog treats!

Insect Nuggets

Eating insects is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Amsterdam. Zimmern visited a company called Kreca, which turns insect larvae and crickets into sweet and savory snacks when "Bizarre Foods" traveled there in 2015. The chef experimented with freeze-dried larvae and insect nuggets. On the exterior, they looked like chicken nuggets, but on the inside, they were composed of bugs! That one would get a hard pass from me!

Giraffe Beetles

Giraffe beetles are one of the world's oddest insects, and Madagascar is home to millions of them. These huge, brightly colored insects appear like they've come straight out of a cartoon! Despite their unusual appearance, Zimmern claims that when sautéed in butter, they taste exactly like shrimp. I'm all for a tasty shrimp meal, but I'd much rather have the genuine thing! Even if eating bugs isn't unusual for locals on the island, I'm not interested in attempting them.

Stinking Tofu

Stinky tofu is another food that many people find difficult to eat. The powerful, pungent odor of this fermented tofu dish is well-known. You might imagine it's difficult to keep down, fermented in a weeks-old brine of fermented milk and vegetable or meat broth. Andrew Zimmern tried it in two episodes of "Bizarre Foods" because it's a popular street meal in Asia. The chef tried several sorts while in Taiwan and Taipei and had to spit one out!

Fermented Skate 

Fermented skate, also known as hongeo in South Korea, has sparked controversy. Because of its strong ammonia odor, people either love or despise this fermented fish dish. Some compare the odor to that of an outhouse, claiming that you can't get the scent out of your clothes for days! The bottom-dwelling creature is served sashimi-style, with kimchi on the side to disguise the taste. There's no doubt in my mind that I would not eat this dish under any circumstances!


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