Publication date November 22, 2023

Should I Move on? 7 Signs He's Not Worth Waiting For

If you are facing a bad time in your dating life and thinking about moving from a person who never prioritizes you, understands you, and makes you question your own self, but, you’re still not sure whether to move or not, this blog is for you!

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No matter, if it’s romantic, platonic, or somewhere in between, the relationship can be challenging to maintain. And it’s all too easy to ignore red flags when genuinely caring about someone.

But when your own mental health is at risk, it’s important to know when enough is enough. Here are 7 signs that show that he’s not worth waiting for:

1. He does not prioritize you 

If you continuously feel neglected and not cared for in your relationship it could be the biggest sign that you need to move on from him. Your partner may say he is busy with commitments, but trust me there is a huge difference between being a busy partner and someone who doesn’t make time for you. 

If he is consistently inattentive and neglectful about what you need and want, despite your best efforts in communicating your needs to them, then it’s fair enough to say your partner is not valuing you and the relationship.

2. He stresses you out

If you always find yourself checking your phone for a text message or wondering if he even likes you all that much, he is probably not good for you. 

A little bit nervous is normal when you have feelings for someone, but it shouldn’t stress you out and make you feel bad. Clearly, no one deserves to have that kind of power over you. 

3. He’s being too clingy that you feel toxic.

All relationship no matter if it is platonic or romantic need TLC, but if your romantic partner doesn’t let you see your friends or hang out with them, then it’s time to say bye to him. 

Your partner may try to manipulate you or just being straight up excessively clingy, but either way, it’s never cool for a partner to control your own schedule and not let you do what you really want. 

You sound to be completely free to live your own life, and anyone who tries to interfere is probably not someone you can peacefully or safely date.

4. You frequently complain 

When you feel like that venting is turning into ranting in your relationship, know that something’s not right. You should not have enough negative thoughts to go on for hours and even you can’t sleep at night. 

If you notice you’ve stopped thinking about how nice your partner is and have switched to complaining over their every little flaw, the relationship isn’t good for either of you and you should definitely start thinking about moving.

5. You Can’t Be Yourself Around Him

If your partner is ridiculously hot and can sing all of your favorite songs but whenever you hang out, you feel extremely self-conscious and are tempted to express your thoughts and feelings, well you shouldn’t be with him anymore. 

Someone who inspires you to engage in this kind of negative behavior and makes you feel like anything less than the goddess you are is not worth your time.

6. He doesn’t care about your opinion and feelings 

If your partner constantly ignores your feelings or brushes them off, then you’ll never be able to have a healthy relationship with him. Also, if he doesn’t care about your opinions and thinks you’re just overreacting, then just don’t wait around for him. 

He’s never going to change and you’ll ultimately end up feeling like you’re constantly walking on eggshells around him. 

7. His actions don’t line up with their words

If nothing ever changes, it doesn’t matter how many times he apologizes. No amount of “I’m so sorry” or “I’ll be changed” fixes anything when he can’t follow through. Don’t let his creepy behavior fool you.

He smartly knows what you want to hear and has no intention of sticking to it. If someone is not putting any effort into wanting you, he’s definitely not worth your time. 

Am I Making the Right Decision by Moving? 

If you notice the above given 7 signs in your relationship, it is never a bad decision to move on from him. You may feel like you should wait for him and hope he will change. 

But that is not true, if a guy makes you doubt your worth, never puts effort into staying with you, and affects your mental health, it’s time to leave. 

If you often start doubting that you aren’t good enough, just because the other person did not want to stay.  It is certainly the right decision to leave him and start loving your own self. 

You should always keep in mind, that you're inherently good enough. If another person can’t see that, it just means he isn’t the right person for you. 

So, instead of trying to prove yourself to him, you need to move on and find a person who can see how awesome you are.

Final Thoughts 

It’s not easy to decide whether you should wait in a relationship or move on from a man you deeply love.

But in this blog, I have shared the 7 signs he’s not worth your time and helpful tips for someone in your situation, there’s nothing like getting professional help and seeking advice specific to your situation.

I know that relationships can be a challenge, but I want to encourage you to never give up if your partner is someone who puts same effort as you. 

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