Publication date February 17, 2023

Should you binge these 5 Netflix series or pass up on them?

Sometimes choosing the right web series on Netflix can be overwhelming. I know I struggle from time to time. And Netflix keeps dropping quality web series so I always feel like I am always behind on finishing the amazing latest shows. But I don’t want you to go through the same thing so I bring to you Netflix releases that you should definitely not miss and a few that are ok to skip. So here goes my list.

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If you love binge-watching quality shows then you can not miss the phenomenon on Netflix that is called Wednesday. Season 1 of Wednesday dropped back in November of 2022 and follows the title character Wednesday Addams. The character of Wednesday Addams is played by Jenna Ortega who did a fabulous job. 

The show follows Wednesday Addams as she begins a new chapter in her life by attending Nevermore Academy. It is a boarding school for freaks and outcasts of society and Wednesday Addams discovers how she is destined for a greater purpose. What is the purpose? What is the Nevermore prophecy? I guess you need to tune in to Netflix to find out. And coming to our agenda you cannot pass up on this show.


The first release of Netflix in 2023 is Kaleidoscope. It is a heist anthology series, and the show premiered on the first day of the year. Netflix always tries to give the viewers a fresh viewing experience and that’s what they were striving for this time around too. Netflix viewers were getting the episodes in different orders. This means two things: every viewer will have a different experience and a viewer can watch the show in any order and still follow the story.

Even though it is a fresh new viewing experience, sadly the story itself lags behind. And it’s not just the story, even the dialogues are borderline cringy. Some of the plot points in the show are just unrealistic. So even though the new gimmick had my attention, considering the overall story and dialogue you can pass up on it. 

The Sandman

It has been a long journey for this live-action series. It took the show years to make it to our tv screens. The show is based on the comic book by Neil Gaiman and if you are a fan of the comic books then you will be thrilled to know that Neil Gaiman was also a part of creating the live-action adaptation. 

If you have read the comics then you will spot a lot of similarities between the comics and the show. I loved how the live-action adaptation blended tones and genres just like the comics. If you are a fan of good storytelling then the story of Morpheus the ruler of Dreams is something you cannot miss.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story can be described as a breakout. The show gathered a lot of eyeballs ever since it dropped on Netflix. The show was marketed as putting forward the stories of the victims but the show was heavily criticized. I know the show's viewership is astronomical but the platforms like Rotten Tomatoes gave this a very average rating. Many of the victim’s families also criticized the show for exploiting their deaths. Even some critics felt like Netflix was just juicing the story already told. But Evan Peters was amazing in the role of Jeffrey Dahmer. Although the show is very popular, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It may be an unpopular opinion but you can skip this one out.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Lincoln Lawyer is undoubtedly my favorite Netflix series of 2022. If you are not aware, Lincoln Lawyer is based on the books by Michael Connelly. The series had a lot of similarities to the books and no connection to the film by Mathew McConaughey. The performances of all the actors were sublime and the best part is that Netflix has already renewed it for a second season. So if you are waiting for my verdict you already know this is a must-watch.

So what did you think of the list comment down below?

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