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Sipping with a Side of History: What You Didn't Know About National Margarita Day

National magritha day

This iconic drink, with its salty rim and sun-kissed flavor, deserves its own day of celebration. But have you ever wondered why we raise a glass of margaritas on particularly 22 Feb? Or who first declared National Margarita Day? Sit back, and relax because by the end of this blog, you’ll know everything there is to know about this day. So let’s get started with the fascinating history of this special occasion! 

History of National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day was founded by to help celebrate this amazing alcoholic beverage. Although the history of the Margarita is a bit mysterious, several stories describe its origin. 

One of the stories claims it was invented at Rancho La Gloria, down by Tijuana, when Carlos “Danny” Herrera created the recipe for Marjorie King, a Ziegfield dancer who had a distinct allergy to many spirits.

Another legend says it was invented in Galveston, Texas by Santos Cruz for a favorite patron of his, singer Patty Lee. These are just a couple of the stories of this delicious invention, and no one actually knows which one is true. It’s entirely possible that they all are!

Who declared National Margarita Day?

Carlos “Danny” Herrera is said to have created the drink at his restaurant Rancho La Gloria which was located between Tijuana and Rosarito in Mexico. But, another story says that Margarita Sames was responsible for its invention in 1938 when she entertained guests at her Acapulco vacation home. 


Source: Delish

Despite the fact it’s still unclear who first crafted the cocktail, National Margarita Day was declared by President Nixon in 1971; this event was partially thanks to Sames’ efforts to patent the beverage.

It’s also important to note that on the official website called, Todd McCalla is believed to be the one who founded National Margarita Day to spread his love for margaritas around the world.

Nevertheless, the drink has been loved and consumed by millions, friends, and families around the world honor this sacred tequila, triple sec, and lime drink every year on February 22.

There is much debate as to the exact person responsible for investing in the classic margarita, although it was during the 1930s or 1940s.  Frozen margaritas came later in the 1970s when an inventive bartender converted a soft-serve ice cream unit into a frozen margarita machine. 

To understand the full picture, let’s get into the timeline of National Margarita Day. 

National Margarita Day Timeline

1938: Margarita's Inception

Carlos "Danny" Herrera first created the margarita in Tijuana, Mexico for a customer allergic to all spirits except tequila.

1945: Tequila Brand Influence

Famous tequila brand Jose Cuervo launch a campaign capitalizing on the margarita, with the slogan “Margarita: it’s more than a girl’s name. 

1971: Frozen Margarita Machine Invented

A Dallas restauranteur Mariano Martinez invented the first frozen margarita machine, revolutionizing the cocktail’s production and popularity. 

1982: Margaritas in Space?

From the shuttle STS-8, astronauts sent down a humorous personal message, “We only go around two times, and then deploy a simulated Margarita before landing.”

2008: Margarita Named Nation's Favorite

A Nielsen survey revealed margaritas as the most popular cocktail in the United States. 

2012: National Margarita Day Emerges

While the exact origin is uncertain, National Margarita Day begins to be celebrated annually on February 22nd.

Facts about National Margarita Day You Should Know

1. The origin of the Margarita is a secret 

Many claims to the invention of the margarita, including a socialite named Margarita Sames and a bartender in Tijuana who reportedly created the drink for a customer allergic to all alcohol except tequila.

2. The Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails

As per the Nielsen CGA 2019 On-Premise User Survey, the margarita is the most-ordered cocktail in America.

3. The world's largest margarita was made in Las Vegas

Margaritaville Casino in Las Vegas secured the title for the world's largest margarita, which created an 8,500-gallon behemoth in 2012.

4. The classic Margarita has a simple recipe

The classic margarita is a straightforward mix of tequila, lime juice, and triple sec, served with salt on the rim of the glass. 

5. Margaritas come in a wide range of flavors

Although the classic margarita is always a hit, it has spawned countless variations, including strawberry, mango, and raspberry. watermelon, cucumber, and even jalapeno margaritas. 

How to celebrate National Margarita Day

How to celebrate National Margarita Day

Well, now that you know the reason behind this day, the question is, how you can celebrate it? You might have already pictured this with a big pitcher of Margaritas to start the trip to Margaritaville, here are a few fun ways to pay homage to this iconic beverage:

Try a New Margarita Recipe

A great way to celebrate this day would be to mix up a glass, or pitcher to share of a unique version of this classic drink. For example, you can consider the Roasted Blueberry Basil version that will taste pure heaven in a glass!

Host a Margarita Blend-Off

If you don’t feel like going out to the restaurants and bars that are hosting National Margarita Day events, it’s always fun to host an event of your own. For instance, invite your friends to an after-work Margarita Blend-Off party. 

Choose Tasty Food Pairings

Even a party that revolves around margaritas will need some nibbles to balance it out. The drink is traditionally served with south-of-the-border tastes such as taquitos, churros, or the simple ‘go-to’ chips and salsa

But, to really match the spirit of the day, serve Margarita-themed foods! For instance try making a Margarita Pie, which is similar to a Key Lime Pie but adds in some tequila. 

Wear Festive, Margarita-Inspired Gear

When celebrating National Margarita Day, you can also consider inserting lime green and yellow themes into the wardrobe of the day. Some people like to paint their nails in a shimmery lime green, while others choose to go with a pale green tie with their shirt and trousers.

Since the word “margarita” actually translates to “daisy” in Spanish, adding daisies to the day’s apparel or décor would be a perfect addition to the festivities.

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