Publication date June 8, 2022

Super-Fun Online Games That Are Loved By Gamers Globally

Mobile games were all the rage a decade ago, and everyone would jump on the Temple Run and Flappy Bird bandwagons, playing the games and competing to see how far they could get. However, with the rise in popularity of Twitch and game streams throughout the world, viral games now appear to have a stronger impact.

Based on social media, players will be able to tell which games are going viral right away. They'll see all of their favorite streamers playing it, hear their friends talking about it, and possibly even see memes about it circulating online. However, just because a game gets viral doesn't imply it's any good. A game's folly in design and execution is frequently the reason it goes viral in the first place.

Memorable - Among Us 

Among us online game

Source: The Verge

Among Us is a fantastic example of a viral game done right. Even though it was released in 2018, this game is still popular. During the COVID-19 quarantine, it became a viral sensation and has stayed tremendously important to all. This game reminds me of a Mafia or Werewolf game.

A crew of spacemen contains one to three imposters, and it is up to the players to figure out who the imposter is before they are killed. It's a fantastic party game that's a lot of fun to play with friends. Not to mention, it's still being played by a slew of big-name streamers, who have teamed with other streamers and celebrities to make it the ultimate viral game.

Not so memorable - Fall Guy

Fall guys online games

Source: The Verge

Fall Guys was certainly one of the most popular games for a brief period when quarantine was just getting started, but after a month in the spotlight, it seemed to go away quickly. This was yet another party game in which a group of people competed to be the last jelly bean character standing at the end of the obstacle courses.

It was a great concept, and a lot of streamers still play it, but it isn't as popular as it once was. Looking back, this game seemed to be a rehash of the Mario Party-style games, and it grew old quickly.

Untitled Goose Game - Memorable game

untitled goose game

Source: The Verge

Due to its humorous (and endearing) theme, Untitled Goose Game became viral almost soon after its debut. Gamers take on the role of a frightening goose who terrorizes a crowded neighborhood. The goose steals objects, pecks humans, and wrecks havoc in the small town all in the name of stealing a bell from the villagers' favorite possession, a miniature model of the town.

A daily to-do list for the goose is provided to the player, along with a list of riddles. To complete each obstacle and move to the next stage, the player must find out how to control threatening geese.

SCP: Secret Laboratory - Not so memorable

SCP: Secret Laboratory

Source: Gamer Tweak

SCP: Containment Breach, the original SCP game, was a tremendous hit with horror lovers all around the world. It had a theme that was eerily similar to the cult classic game Slenderman but with a twist. SCPs and Creepypastas have a lot in common. They narrate ghost stories about items in a [redacted] facility that are haunted. Containment Breach focuses on one of the most terrifying SCPs, one that requires maintaining eye contact to escape.

However, there is a slew of other SCPs throughout the game that are threatening to murder you. In Secret Laboratory, one player is assigned to the role of a random SCP and is deployed about the map killing other players. The premise of this game sounds fantastic, but the execution provides more room for misunderstanding than enjoyment. Because it's an open world, trolls might appear at any time to cause havoc, and players need to stick together to have fun without getting lost.

Phasmophobia - Memorable 


Source: HITC

Phasmophobia is a recent survival horror game that was published in early access in September of last year. The game allows four players to take on the role of ghost hunters and investigate haunted buildings and facilities using various ghost hunting tools such as EMF scanners and Spirit Boxes.

Phasmophobia is also a virtual reality game, giving VR gamers a unique and immersive experience. This horror game is occasionally horrifying but always entertaining, and it has gone viral in the gaming world.

Pokémon GO is definitely a memorable game

Pokemon go

Source: TechRadar

Pokémon GO was one of the most popular games in the community, causing a tremendous commotion. In fact, before Among Us, Pokémon GO was perhaps the last huge game to hit the market with that kind of craze. The impact of this game on the gaming (and non-gaming) community was immense.

Minecraft - Memorable game


Source: PCGamesN

Minecraft, one of the most popular viral games in history, has managed to remain relevant even now. While some may argue that Minecraft isn't a viral game, it is unquestionably the most popular.

Everyone has heard of this game, and it appears that it continues to have tremendous periods of popularity in the gaming community. Minecraft may be played solo or multiplayer, allowing for some very wild constructions and gameplay.

Jump King - Not So memorable 

Jump King was published in 2019 and quickly became a hit due to its addictive nature. Jump King's premise is a tad silly, but it does play into the "self-torture" features that many gamers seem to be obsessed with. The game is an exceedingly problematic for climbing platformer.

Players take on the role of a King with a set amount of variable jump lengths and heights depending on how long they press the space button. The player must climb to the top of the tower, but there are no progression saves, hence each jump may result in the player falling back to the beginning of the game. While gaming, there's plenty of potential for rage in this game.

Bennett Foddy's Getting Over It - Yes we are! (pun intended)

Getting over It was yet another popular viral game that was and appeared to be completely ridiculous. However, it was also quite amusing. This platformer forces players to control Diogenes, a guy that, like his namesake, lives in a massive metal pot. As the players seek to climb and move about the rocky mountain, he holds a massive hammer to connect himself to various elements in his environment.

This game even includes bizarre (and cringe-worthy) motivating remarks delivered by the game's author each time the player dies. As you play a man trapped inside a massive pot, this game aims to be philosophical. It was designed to be foolish.

Let us know if any of your favorite games are listed here.

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